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This is basically a much higher amperage version of our smaller VUPN7407 dc to dc step down module. Its pretty simple. Not only that, but its the easiest way to quickly lower a DC voltage on any project you are working on.

This unit also has a current control potentiometer, along with the standard voltage control potentiometer.

There is no easier way to regulate a DC voltage. The output voltage will always be maintained at the level you set, even if the input voltage rises. As long as your input voltage meets or exceeds your output needs, this rule will stay the same.



DC - to - DC Step-down Converter

7-to-32 volts DC input

0.8 -to- 28 volts DC variable output

Up to 12 AMPS (300 total watts)


L: Roughly 2.57" (65.33mm)

W: Roughly 1.9" (47.78mm)

H: Roughly 0.91" (23.30mm)

Weight: Roughly 2.2 ounces (0.1375 lbs)

Mounting Hole Centers: Roughly 1.04" (26.48mm) and 2.32" (59.14mm)

Package Quantity: 1 unit.

United States Stock at our retail store: Call for stock status.


NOTE: These boards are imported from China (but we have U.S. stock) and the manufacturer has been known to change certain characteristics of the boards depending on what parts are available. These changes include color of circuit board. We have seen red, green and blue. Other changes include the type of inductor. Sometimes its an SMT one and sometimes its toroidal. And finally, sometimes they come with screws and brass stand-off studs. However, these characteristic changes and substitutions are done without notice, and are extremely unreliable to plan on. So none of these specific characteristics are guaranteed. And in most cases, we are unable to guarantee or select specific boards with any of these specific characteristics based on request. None of these changes will affect the physical or electrical functionality of the board.


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