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Product Description

The upgraded 6-DOF Robotic Arm V2, now more efficient and compact. This advanced robotic arm features high-quality 25kg torque servo motors, durable aluminum alloy components, and a wider power supply range. It’s more lightweight and has a smaller footprint, yet handles larger loads efficiently. Ideal for applications like scientific experimentation, kinematics learning, and automation control exploration.

Ready to Use, No Installation Required

The V2 version of the robotic arm is fully assembled and calibrated at the factory, eliminating the need for cumbersome installation. It is ready to use right out of the box. This significant change allows you to focus all your energy on knowledge in your field of study without the hassle of complex robotic arm installation.

All-Metal Aluminum Alloy Mechanical Components: Exudes Mechanical Aesthetics

The new robotic arm adopts high-quality aluminum alloy mechanical components with a thickness of 2mm, treated with surface brushed oxidation. The delicate brushed texture and the reflective quality of the metal's natural color give the robotic arm an overall sense of mechanical aesthetics.

25KG High-Quality High-Torque Servo Motors: Elevating Quality to New Heights

The key core component of the robotic arm is the servo motor. Low-quality and low-torque servo motors not only greatly affect the performance of the robotic arm but are also prone to damage. In the V2 version, all servo motors are of high-quality, 25kg-level digital servo motors. With a total of 6 servo motors, even positions with lower force, such as the mechanical gripper, use 25kg servo motors. The adoption of high-quality servo motors elevates the quality of this robotic arm to a new level.

Metal Ball Bearings and Metal Servo Horns: Flexible and Reliable

As a critical connecting component of the robotic arm, the servo horn also uses metal servo horns exclusively. Metal servo horns ensure that the servo motor's torque is transmitted to the moving arm with high quality, reducing jitter, improving accuracy, and significantly reducing the likelihood of damage. Additionally, miniature metal ball bearings are used at joint rotation points, greatly enhancing the performance and flexibility of the robotic arm.

Extra Screws Kit and Servo Extension Cables Included: Meeting Emergency Needs

To prevent screws from loosening and falling off during transportation or use, we have prepared an additional spare screws kit along with an Allen wrench for emergency needs. At the same time, 6 pieces of 20cm servo extension cables are provided for more flexible connections.

Safety Precautions

1. Robotic Arm Fixation: Before powering on, securely fasten the base of the robotic arm in a flat position using screws to prevent tipping and potential harm during mechanical movement.

2. Personal Safety: Do not place hands within the range of the robotic arm's movement to avoid pinching injuries.

3. Servo Motor Operation: Servo motors should not be locked for an extended period, as it may cause damage to the servo motor and the driver board, or even cause personal injury.

4. Power Supply Safety: The rated voltage for this product is 5V, with a power supply range of 4.8-8.4V. Operating below or exceeding this voltage range may cause damage to the servo motors, power supply, and driver board.

5. Motor Power: This product employs six servo motor drives, with each servo motor rated at 210mA and a stall current of up to 3400mA. Insufficient power supply may lead to abnormal operation of the robotic arm, servo motor damage, and other related issues.


  • Factory Fully Assembled, No Installation Required
  • All Aluminum Alloy Mechanical Components, Metal Surface Stripes and Oxidation Treatment
  • 25kg High-Torque High-Quality Servo Motors
  • Metal Ball Bearings
  • Metal Servo Disc
  • Additional Delivery of Spare Screws Kit
  • Additional Delivery of Servo Extension Cables


Status Parameters

  • Installation Status: Fully installed
  • Degrees of Freedom: 6 degrees of freedom

Power Parameters

  • Power Supply Range: DC 4.4V-8.4V
  • Power Consumption: >2000mA
  • Rated Voltage: 5V

Mechanical Specifications

  • Arm Part Material: 2mm Aluminum Alloy/Brushed Oxidation/Natural Color
  • Gripper Part Material: 3mm Aluminum Alloy/Sandblasted Oxidation/Natural Color
  • Servo Horn: Aluminum Alloy
  • Bearings: Metal Rolling Bearings

Base Servo Motor Specifications

  • Model: TD-8125MG
  • Rotation Angle: 270 degrees
  • Static Current: 40mA
  • No-load Current: Typical 210mA, Maximum 260mA
  • Stall Current: Typical 2600mA, Maximum 3400mA
  • Stall Torque: Typical, Maximum
  • PWM Control Range: 500us-2500us (0-270 degrees), Midpoint 1500us
  • Quantity: ×1

Upper Arm, Middle Arm, Forearm, Gripper Servo Motor Specifications

  • Model: TD-8125MG
  • Rotation Angle: 180 degrees
  • Static Current: 40mA
  • No-load Current: Typical 210mA, Maximum 260mA
  • Stall Current: Typical 2600mA, Maximum 3400mA
  • Stall Torque: Typical, Maximum
  • PWM Control Range: 500us-2500us (0-180 degrees), Midpoint 1500us
  • Quantity: ×5

Other Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: Approximately 37cm × 11cm × 12cm (arm extended to the farthest end)
  • Product Weight: 950g (±100g)

Shipping List

  • 6-DOF Robotic Arm V2(Pre-Assembled) ×1
  • Mechanical Gripper (Installed on the Robotic Arm) ×1
  • Spare Screws Kit ×1
  • Spare Allen Wrench ×2
  • Servo Extension Cables ×6









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