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NTE Semiconductors

NTE Part Number: NTE137A
Description: ZD-6.2 V, 1 W + (2680 in back room) + (1850 in overstock)
QTY Per Package: 1

Call or email us for stock status.
There is a 1-2 week lead-time for out of stock items.

Click here for the datasheet for NTE137A.
If this datasheet link is broken, the datasheet may still be available at
This part is the equivalent replacement for the following:
001-02303-3, 001-023033, 01K-6.5E, 01K6.5E, 029-GW, 029-MN, 029-PR, 02Z6.2, 02Z-6.2A, 02Z62A, 05Z6.2, 06200055, 07-5331-86, 08020007, 082020007, 09-302325, 09-306055, 09-306183, 09-306377, 09-308208, 0AZ203, 0AZ210, 0AZ243, 0DZ62000BA, 1029-GW, 1029-MN, 103-Z9008, 1063-8989, 1074-123, 121-0041, 1224279, 123B-005, 1257-4638, 129938, 134883461536, 1371-5412, 138974, 1411-137, 142114, 143753, 1471898-3, 1474777-026, 1474777-26, 1/4AZ6.2D5, 1/4LZ6.2D, 1/4LZ6.2D5, 151-030-9-003, 151-031-9-001, 151-031-9-003, 152-019-9-001, 152-047-9-001, 152-047-9-004, 152-051-9-002, 152-052-9-002, 152-079-9-002, 152-079-9-003, 152-094-9-001, 152112A, 160092, 161199, 163033, 1642606B4, 168653, 174370, 1878-3(RCA), 1898-3(RCA), 18Z6, 18Z6A, 18Z6AF, 18Z6F, 1902-0011, 1902-0033, 1902-0509, 1902-0625, 1902-0680, 1902-0686, 1902-0761, 192-629(MAG-ZENER), 19A115528-P1, 19A11552B-P1, 1D6.2, 1D6.2A, 1D6.2B, 1D6.2SA, 1D6.2SB, 1DAZ824C, 1EZ6.2D, 1EZ6.2D10, 1EZ6.2D5, 1EZ6.2T10, 1F00030, 1F00032, 1M6.2AZ10, 1M6.2AZ5, 1M6.2Z, 1M6.2Z10, 1M6.2Z5, 1M6.2ZS10, 1M6.2ZS5, 1M753A, 1MJJ6.2, 1MJJ6.2A, 1N1485, 1N1766, 1N1766A, 1N1779A, 1N3443, 1N3496, 1N3497, 1N3498, 1N3499, 1N3500, 1N3513, 1N3828, 1N3828A, 1N3947, 1N3948, 1N4499, 1N4656, 1N4735, 1N4735A, 1N675, 1N709B, 1N822, 1N824, 1S1201, 1S136, 1S136(ZENER), 1S1375, 1S1375A, 1S1390, 1S1390A, 1S1406, 1S1406R, 1S1715, 1S1735, 1S2112, 1S2112AFA-1, 1S2452, 1S2453, 1S2454, 1S2489, 1S2547, 1S2769, 1S2770, 1S2771, 1S2774, 1S-331, 1S331, 1T6.2, 1T6.2B, 1TA6.2, 1TA6.2A, 1TA6.2B, 1Z6.2, 1Z6.2A, 1Z6.2T10, 1Z6.2T20, 1Z6.2T5, 1ZC6.2, 1ZC6.2T5, 1ZM6.2, 1ZM6.2T10, 1ZM6.2T20, 1ZM6.2T5, 1ZS5.6A, 2000-322, 2000-324, 2000-328, 2000-329, 2002209-4, 203A6137, 2247-8, 23115168, 23115955, 2338003, .25T6.2, .25T6.2A, .25T6.2B, 26010029, 260-10-046, 26010046, 260-10-46, 264P484060, 276-561, 2MW742, 302540, 309614, 309616, 337-02001, 3701, 3702, 3703, 3704, 38Z6, 38Z6A, 4006, 4006(ZENER), 4037413-P1, 4-2020-07500, 4-2020-21700, 429-0958-43, 433875, 464.062.15, 46-86394-3, 46-86394-3(10), 46-86501, 4777-026(RCA), 4777-26(RCA), 4800021, 4808-0000-012, 48-10641D62, 48-137170, 48-137210, 48-137387, 48-155146, 48-83461E36, 48-84306A38, 48-90232A84, 48-90343A94, 48C84302A09, 48R84302A10, 48S10641D62, 48S137387, 48S155225, 48X90232A84, .4T6.2, 4T6.2, .4T6.2A, 4T6.2A, .4T6.2B, 4T6.2B, .4T6.8A, 5001-131, 51-40062-05, 523-2003-629, 523-2514-629, 52A26, 530073-1031, 530073-4, 530073-5, 530157-689, 530166-1004, 5301920629, 5301921629, 530192-629, 5340300380, 53E011-2, 53J004-1, 561-2557-092, 561-2560-531, 561-2560-820, 561-2560-823, 561-2560-825, 561-2561-766, 561-2561-776, 561-2597-350, 561-2597-351, 5635-EQA0106T, 601-000-062, 61E36, 6.2B1(1W-ZENER), 6.2SR1, 6.2SR1A, 6.2SR2, 6.2SR2A, 6.2SR3, 6.2SR3A, 6.2SR4, 6.2SR4A, 652C7, 6615000101, 66X0040-003, 6B1, 6B2, 6B2(ZENER), 707W00163, 707W00411, 707W00590, 72168-3, .75N6.2, 75N6.2, 8000-00004-239, 8000-00005-020, 8000-00006-146, 8000-0005-020, 8000-00058-003, 831-062, 831-066, 919-001445, 922573, 9330-092-90112, 933009290112, 935-6302, 9413, 99201-208, 99201-211, 99201-212, A1-DHZ-LAA-001, A1-DHZ-LAA-020, A1-DHZ-LAA-055, A1-DHZ-LAA-062, A7286100, ADX0214, AW01-06, AZ-061, AZ-063, AZ6.2, B1410, B1414, B1500, BZ-061, BZ061, BZ-063, BZO61, BZV17C6V2, BZV85C6V2, BZX10, BZX29C6V2, BZX46C6V2, BZX85C6V2, BZX88C6V2, BZY88/6V2, BZY88/C6V2, BZY92C6V2, C4011, CD-0033, CD0033, CD31-00008, CH4735, CHAZ6.2, CHAZ6.2A, CHAZ62.A, CXL137, CXL5013, CZ062, D-00469C, D3H, D3Y, D5W, D6.2, DIJ72293, DS104, DS104(ZENER), DS159, DX-0530, DX0710, DX1170, DX1194, DZ0610, DZB6.2, E21431, E2486, EA16X241, EA16X80, EAD00-16700, EADT0-16700, ECG137, ECG137A, ED6.2EB, EE5A-6.2, ELP6.2, EQA01-067, EVR5, EVR5A, EVR5B, EW16X124, EX0192CE, EZ16X102, F16H1, FD-1029-GW, FD-1029-MN, FD-1029-PR, FV-22, FV22, FZ6.2T10, G01-036A, G01036A, GARE, GEZD-6.2, GLA62, GLA62A, GLA62B, GXI6.2, GZ1-6.2, GZ6.2, GZA062Y, GZB6.2, GZB6.2B, HD30036090, HEP103, HEPZ0214, HEP-Z0408, HEPZ0408, HS2062, HS7062, HZ5234, HZ6.2P, HZ6.2PB, HZ6.3, IDAZ824B, INJ61225, IP20-0203, IP20-0284, J241179, J24631, JZ6.2B, KD2503, KS062A, KS2062A, KS2062B, KS37A, KS37AF, KSO62A, LN362A, LR62C, LR62CH, LVA162, LVA462, LZZ1-6.2, M4Z6.2, M4Z6.2-20, M4Z6.2A, MA2062, MC6008, MC6008A, MC6108, MC6108A, MD753, MD753A, ME1Z829, MEZ1-6.2, MGLA62, MGLA62A, MGLA62B, MLNA362A, MLV753A, MR62C-H, MR62E-H, MT608A, MTZ608, MTZ608A, MZ500-11, MZ605, MZ610, MZ6.2, MZ620, MZ6.2A, MZ6.2B, MZ6.2T5, MZ640, MZ821, MZ821A, MZ823, MZ823A, MZ825, MZ825A, MZ827A, MZ827A(ZENER), MZ92-6,0B, MZ92-6.2A, NGP5002, NT50C6V2, NT5515, NT55C6V2, NT9974, NTE137A, O2Z6.2A, O5Z6.2, O5Z-6.2L, OAZ203, OAZ243, OAZ270, ODZ620000BA, OZ6.2T10, OZ6.2T5, PA9267, PD6009, PD6009A, PD6050, PL-152-047-9-001, PL-152-052-9-002, PRD105, PRD110, PRD120, PRD140, PRD160, PS1325, PS8908, PTC503, QA106S, QB106PV, QZ6.2T10, QZ6.2T5, R-7093, RD6.2F, RD6.2FA, RD6.2FB, RD6.2FB1, RD6.2FB-3, RD-6L, RD6R2B, RD6.ZEB, RE109, REN137, RH-EX0192CEZZ, RH-EX0247CEZZ, RS561, RT-237, RT5793, RT7539, S1A3, S3004-1715, S3004-1718, S5234B, SA821, SA821A, SA823, SA823A, SA825, SA825A, SA827, SA827A, SA829, SA829A, SB821, SB821A, SB823, SB823A, SB825, SB825A, SB827, SB827A, SB829, SB829A, SC821, SC821A, SC823, SC823A, SC825, SC825A, SC827, SC827A, SC829, SC829A, SI-RECT-140, SI-RECT-140/TR-6, SK3058, SK3058/137A, SK6V2, SK6V2/137A, SM-A-595831-060, SM-A-595831-062, SP3058, SUC650, SUM6010, SUM6011, SUM6020, SUM6021, SV-02, SV37, SVC625, SVC650, SVM601, SVM6010, SVM6011, SVM602, SVM6020, SVM6021, SVM605, SVM61, SZ13452, SZ6.2, SZ6.2A, SZ6.2B, T4446(ZENER), TIXD753, TM137, TM137A, TMD03, TMD03A, TP20-0284, TR2337123, TRR6, TVSRD6.2FB1, UZ1-6.2, UZ6, UZ6.2, UZ6.2B, UZL-6.2, UZP-6.2, VR6.2, VR6.2A, VR6.2B, VZ-061A, VZ-061B, VZ-061C, VZ-061D, VZ-061E, W0-61, W1-061, W1-063, W1-065, W2-061, W2-063, W2-065, W4-063, W4-065, W8-061, W8-063, W8-065, W9-061, W9-063, W9-065, WA-061, WA-061A, WA-061B, WA-061C, WA-063, WA-063A, WA-063B, WA-063C, WA-063D, WA-065, WA-065A, WA-065B, WA-065C, WA-065D, WA-161D, WB-061, WB-061A, WB-061B, WB-061C, WB-061D, WB-063, WB-063A, WB-063B, WB-063C, WB-063D, WB-065, WB-065A, WB-065B, WB-065C, WB-065D, WC-061, WC-061A, WC-061B, WC-061C, WC-061D, WC-063, WC-063A, WC-063B, WC-063C, WC-063D, WC-065, WC-065A, WC-065B, WC-065C, WC-065D, WD-061, WD-061A, WD-061B, WD-061C, WD-061D, WD-063, WD-063A, WD-063B, WD-063C, WD-063D, WD-065, WD-065A, WD-065B, WD-065C, WD-065D, WE-061A, WE-061B, WE-061C, WE-061D, WE-063, WE-063A, WE-063B, WE-063C, WE-063D, WE-065, WE-065A, WE-065B, WE-065C, WE-065D, WEP103, WEP1154, WG-061, WG-061A, WG-061B, WG-061C, WG-061D, WG-063, WG-063A, WG-063B, WG-063C, WG-063D, WG-065, WG-065A, WG-065B, WG-065C, WG-065D, WH-061, WH-061A, WH-061B, WH-061C, WH-061D, WH-063, WH-063A, WH-063B, WH-063C, WH-063D, WH-065, WH-065A, WH-065B, WH-065C, WH-065D, WI-061, WI-061A, WI-061B, WI-061C, WI-061D, WI-063, WI-063A, WI-063B, WI-063C, WI-063D, WI-065, WI-065A, WI-065B, WI-065C, WI-065D, WJ-061, WJ-061A, WJ-061B, WJ-061C, WJ-061D, WJ-063, WJ-063A, WJ-063B, WJ-063C, WJ-063D, WJ-065, WJ-065A, WJ-065B, WJ-065C, WJ-065D, WK-061, WK-061A, WK-061B, WK-061C, WK-061D, WK-063, WK-063A, WK-063B, WK-063C, WK-063D, WK-065A, WK-065B, WK-065C, WK-065D, WL-061, WL-061A, WL-061B, WL-061C, WL-061D, WL-063, WL-063A, WL-063B, WL-063C, WL-063D, WL-065, WL-065A, WL-065B, WL-065C, WL-065D, WM-061, WM-061A, WM-061B, WM-061C, WM-061D, WM-063, WM-063A, WM-063B, WM-063C, WM-063D, WM-065, WM-065A, WM-065B, WM-065C, WM-065D, WN-061, WN-061A, WN-061B, WN-061C, WN-061D, WN-063, WN-063A, WN-063B, WN-063C, WN-063D, WN-065, WN-065A, WN-065B, WN-065C, WN-065D, WO-061, WO-061A, WO-061B, WO-061C, WO-061D, WO-063, WO-063A, WO-063B, WO-063C, WO-063D, WO-065, WO-065A, WO-065B, WO-065C, WO-065D, WO-61, WP-061, WP-061A, WP-061B, WP-061C, WP-061D, WP-063, WP-063A, WP-063B, WP-063C, WP-063D, WP-065, WP-065A, WP-065B, WP-065C, WP-065D, WQ-061, WQ-061A, WQ-061B, WQ-061C, WQ-061D, WQ-063, WQ-063A, WQ-063B, WQ-063C, WQ-063D, WQ-065, WQ-065A, WQ-065B, WQ-065C, WQ-065D, WR-061, WR-061A, WR-061B, WR-061C, WR-061D, WR-063, WR-063A, WR-063B, WR-063C, WR-063D, WR-065, WR-065A, WR-065B, WR-065C, WR-065D, WS-061, WS-061A, WS-061B, WS-061C, WS-061D, WS-063, WS-063A, WS-063B, WS-063C, WS-063D, WS-065, WS-065A, WS-065B, WS-065C, WS-065D, WT-061, WT-061A, WT-061B, WT-061C, WT-061D, WT-063, WT-063A, WT-063B, WT-063C, WT-063D, WT-065, WT-065A, WT-065B, WT-065C, WT-065D, WU-061, WU-061A, WU-061B, WU-061C, WU-061D, WU-063, WU-063A, WU-063B, WU-063C, WU-063D, WU-065, WU065A, WU-065B, WU-065C, WU-065D, WV-061, WV-061A, WV-061B, WV-061C, WV-061D, WV-063, WV-063A, WV-063B, WV-063C, WV-063D, WV-065, WV-065A, WV-065B, WV-065C, WV-065D, WW-061, WW-061A, WW-061B, WW-061C, WW-061D, WW-063, WW-063A, WW-063B, WW-063C, WW-063D, WW-065, WW-065A, WW-065B, WW-065C, WW-065D, WX-061, WX-061A, WX-061B, WX-061C, WX-061D, WX-063, WX-063A, WX-063B, WX-063C, WX-063D, WX-065, WX-065A, WX-065B, WX-065C, WX-065D, WY-061, WY-061A, WY-061B, WY-061C, WY-061D, WY-063, WY-063A, WY-063B, WY-063C, WY-063D, WY-065, WY-065A, WY-065B, WY-065C, WY-065D, WZ.061, WZ-061A, WZ-063A, WZ065, WZ-065A, WZ6.2, WZO61, XZ-062, YEADAW01-06, Z0214, Z0408, Z0C6.2, Z0D6.2, Z1B6.2, Z1C6.2, Z1D6.2, Z2A62F, Z4735A, Z4B6.2, Z4XL6.2, Z4XL6.2B, Z5B6.2, Z5C6.2, Z5D6.2, Z6.2, Z6.2A, Z6.2B, Z6.2L, Z801, ZB1-8, ZB206, ZB6.2, ZB6.2A, ZB6.2B, ZC106, ZD56B, ZD6.2 (Minor mechanical difference exists, but device will fit most applications.), ZD6.2A, ZD6.2B, ZD-6.2V, ZD6.2V, ZF16.2, ZF26.2, ZF6.2 (Minor mechanical difference exists, but device will fit most applications.), ZF6.2P, ZH106, ZM6.2, ZM6.2A, ZM6.2B, ZOB6.2, ZOD6.2, ZP6.2, ZPY6.2, ZR821-10, ZR821-100, ZR821-120, ZR821-150, ZR821-20, ZR821-50, ZR821-75, ZR823-10, ZR823-100, ZR823-120, ZR823-150, ZR823-20, ZR823-50, ZR823-75, ZR825-100, ZR825-120, ZR825-150, ZR825-20, ZR825-50, ZR825-75, ZR827-100, ZR827-120, ZR827-150, ZR827-20, ZR827-50, ZR827-75, ZR829-100, ZR829-120, ZR829-75, ZR89-50, ZS6010, ZS6011, ZS6020, ZS6021, ZS605, ZS61, ZT6.2, ZT6.2A, ZT6.2B, ZW6.2, ZY6.2, ZZ6.2

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