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Whether a tourist or for business, it can greatly enhance the trip if you take along your favorite small appliances, including hairdryers, laptops, cell phone charges and any of the dozens of electrical appliances that we might use every day. How about the presentation that you plan to make using your own (dependable) projector? Japan's standard voltage is 100 volts, and appliances made for use in the U.S. will NOT operate there unless you have a travel voltage converter.

WHEN TRAVELING TO THE STATES: It's much the same story as above; the Japanese tourist or businessman can use this travel voltage converter so that he can use his "made for use in Japan" appliances on U.S. voltage without damage or worry.

WHENEVER TRAVELING Japan to America or vice versa, one travel converter will do the job for your country's appliances. Just be sure to pick one that is "big" enough (has a high enough wattage rating) to do the job. How do you do that? Simply add up the wattage listed on each appliance that will be connected at one time. Example: if your hair dryer and portable coffee maker each have a 700 watt rating (and you will connect and use them both at one time), then you have a total of 1400 watts. You will need a 2,000 Watt unit to get the job done. (If you were to run only one of these items at one time, the 1,000 Watt unit can get the job done safely.)

Very small items, such as your cellphone charger, will be fine with the smallest of these converters. If you were to operate your laptop, a projector, and perhaps a public address amplifier as well, you will want to add the wattages together to be sure you have selected a big enough unit.

Wattages still to big? Unusual, but you can always use more than one converter if you exceed the 2,000 watt model.

These Step up / Step down transformers work to convert 100VAC to 117VAC or 117VAC to 100VAC, with a selectable switch on the reverse of the unit. Has a 6" line cord.

This 500 Watt model has an 5x20mm Fuse (5 Amp)

QTY: 1 Transformer

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