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NTE Semiconductors

NTE Part Number: NTE140A
Description: ZD-10 V, 1 W
QTY Per Package: 2

Call or email us for stock status.
There is a 1-2 week lead-time for out of stock items.

Click here for the datasheet for NTE140A.
If this datasheet link is broken, the datasheet may still be available at
This part is the equivalent replacement for the following:
001-0127-00, 001-023035, 001-023039, 001-223039, 019-003411, 029-EP, 029-MP, 02Z-10A, 02Z10A, 02Z10A-U, 05Z-10, 05Z10, 05Z10L, 06502, 070-011, 070-024, 07-28817-378, 09-306228, 09-306235, 09-5506-0, 1006-5985, 1010, 1010(ZENER), 1029-MP, 103-Z9010, 1040-09, 1040-09(ZENER), 1042-8795, 1065-6775, 10B3(1W-ZENER), 10B62, 10EB1, 10V, 10VJ, 10VZENER, 1181-3268, 119594, 1-20398, 1223773, 1/2Z105T5, 1/2Z33T5, 13-0002, 13-0033179-004, 130044, 130047, 13-33179-4, 134882256328, 134882256340, 13DD02F, 1411-136, 141747, 144975, 145-100, 146274, 1471898-8, 147477-7-1, 1/4A10, 1/4A10A, 1/4A10B, 15DD02F, 16602995856, 171560, 172580, 179-4, 179-4(SYL), 1800013, 187-6, 1898-8(RCA), 1902-1173, 190404, 19-090-008A, 192-100(MAG-ZENER), 1932A, 1A10M, 1A10MA, 1DA1ZB, 1DAZ3402B, 1E10Z, 1E10Z10, 1EZ10D, 1EZ10D10, 1EZ10D5, 1EZ10T10, 1M10Z, 1M10Z10, 1M10Z5, 1M10ZS10, 1M10ZS5, 1N1512, 1N1512A, 1N1523, 1N1523A, 1N1744, 1N1771, 1N1771A, 1N1876, 1N1876A, 1N1932A, 1N1986A, 1N1986B, 1N2035-3, 1N2036, 1N2036A, 1N203CA, 1N3020, 1N3020A, 1N3020B, 1N3434, 1N3446, 1N3679, 1N3679A, 1N3679B, 1N3776, 1N4162, 1N4162A, 1N4162B, 1N4296, 1N4296A, 1N4327, 1N4327A, 1N4327B, 1N4404, 1N4404A, 1N4404B, 1N4632, 1N4661, 1N4740, 1N4740A, 1N4832A, 1N5563, 1N5563A, 1N5563B, 1N7O1, 1N961, 1R10, 1R10A, 1R10B, 1S1165, 1S1378, 1S1393, 1S1393A, 1S1409, 1S1409R, 1S1718/4454C, 1S1960, 1S2117, 1S2117A, 1S215, 1S216, 1S225, 1S2494, 1S2551, 1S3010, 1S618, 1S695, 1S759H, 1T10, 1T10B, 1TA10, 1TA10A, 1TA10B, 1Z10, 1Z10A, 1Z10T10, 1Z10T20, 1Z10T5, 1ZC10T5, 1ZCT10, 1ZM10T10, 1ZM10T20, 1ZM10T5, 1ZS10A, 2002209-5, 2002209-9, 2008220125, 202000(H.KARDON), 20200(H.-KARDON), 20200(H.KARDON), 2040-17, 20414(H.-KARDON), 20414(H.KARDON), 20737(H.-KARDON), 20737(H.KARDON), 20737(H.KARDON-ZENER), 21M493, 228007, 232-0024, 2337778, 237016, 237023, 237037, 23Z6AF, 23Z6F, 24MW1065, 24MW1125, 24MW743, 2503-100, 253-4(MAG-ZENER), .25T10, .25T10.5, .25T10.5A, .25T10A, .25T10B, 262111, 262546, 263424, 264P09703, 264P15501, 264P486080, 265317, 26810-52, 29810-64, 2S1718/4454C, 300732, 32-0049, 339-529-002, 35-004-0, 3599716, 36001008, 38510-53, 4036392-P2, 4110, 42020200, 42020414, 42020-737, 42020737, 43Z6, 43Z6A, 44T-100-116, 44T-300-93, 45810-54, 464-311-19, 46-861118-3, 46-86323-3, 46-86914-3, 48-11-005, 4831-1002-002, 4835-130-37104, 483513037104, 48-41873J03, 48-44300A06, 48-82256C28, 48-82256C40, 48-86850C57, 48-90223A88, 4890223A88, 48-90235A71, 4890235A71, 489752-040, 489752-109, 48C82256C11, 48D82256C28, 48D82256C40, 48P83624E02, 48P83624E79, 48S155054, 48S155054(ZENER), 48S155317, 48S41873J03, 48T44A70T01, 48X90223A88, 48X90235A71, .4T10, .4T10A, .4T10B, 52-053-030-0, 523-2001-100, 523-2003-100, 523-2005-100, 523-250-3-100, 530073-3, 530145-100, 530145-1100, 530157-1100, 530192-100, 5301921100, 5302531004, 530253-4, 5490307-P2, 55Z4, 561-2557-142, 561-2560-758, 561-2560-961, 561-2560-962, 5632-HZ11A, 5635-HZ11A, 5635-MZ301A, 5635-MZ310A, 5635-ZB1-10, 56-67, 58810-86, 58840-117, 5A-9135, 5A-9135(WILLIAMS), 610122, 623-2003-100, 630-077, 66F1001, 66F1002, 66F1083, 66X0040-005, 6720601, 68X0040-005, 707W00071, 707W00169, 741336, 741867, .7JZ10, .7Z10, .7Z10A, .7Z10B, .7Z10C, .7Z10D, .7ZM10, .7ZM10A, .7ZM10B, .7ZM10C, .7ZM10D, 8000-00028-047, 8000-00058-004, 809-27, 860050263, 86-118-1, 8-719-937-10, 903-337, 93030, 935-0940, 93A39-30, 93A39-6, 93B39-6, 9404, 96-5116-01, 988050, 99201-216, 99201-316, 99202-216, 992178, A1-DHZ-LAA-041, AW-01-10, AW01-10, AW0110, AZ-094, AZ-096, AZ-098, AZ10, AZ-100, B094, B100(ZENER), B66X0040-005, BO94, BZ-096, BZ-098, BZ-100, BZ100, BZ79C10, BZV17C10, BZV85C10, BZX29C10, BZX58C10, BZX63C10, BZX69C10, BZX80C10, BZX85C10, BZX89C10, BZY83/C10, BZY83/D10, BZY85/C10, BZY85/D10, BZY92C10, C4016, CHZ10, CHZ10A, CHZ210A, CX0051, CXL140, CXL5019, CZ10B, CZD010, CZD010-5, DX-0994, DX-1034, DZ10A, DZB10, DZB10C, E84, EA16X109, EA16X150, EA16X157, EA16X189, EAD00-21700, ECG140, ECG140A, EE5A-10, ELP10, EQA01-10S, EQB01-10, EQBO1-10, EX0023GE, EZ10(ELCOM), FD-1029-MP, G01-012-F, GEZD-10, GEZD-10-4, GEZD-10.4, GLA100, GLA100A, GLA100B, GXI10, GZ1-10, GZB10, GZB10B, HD30001200, HD30006060, HEP101, HEPZ0220, HEP-Z0413, HEPZ0413, HM10B, HN-00061, HS2100, HS7100, HW10, HW10A, HZ10P, HZ10PB, HZ5240, IDA1Z10B, IDAZ3402B, IP-20-0233, IP20-0233, J24872, JZ10B, KD2501, KS100A, KS100B, KS2100A, KS2100B, KS42A, KS42AF, KS42B, KS42BF, KVR10, LMZX-10, LNA3100A, LPM10A, LR100C, LR100CH, LVA100A, LVA3100A, LZ10, LZZ1-10, M10Z, M4Z10, M4Z10-20, M4Z10A, MA1100, MA2100, MA2100B, MA23100B, MC6014, MC6014A, MC6114A, MEZ1-10, MGLA100, MGLA100A, MGLA100B, MLNA3100A, MLV758A, MR100C-H, MR100H, MTZ614, MTZ614A, MZ-10, MZ10, MZ1000-13, MZ1010, MZ10A, MZ-210, MZ-210B, MZ410B, MZ500-16, MZ92, MZ92-10A, NT50C10, NT5520, NT55C10, NTE140A, O2Z-10A, O2Z10A, O5Z10, O5Z10L, OA12610, OZ10T10, OZ10T5, PC1879-004, PD6014, PD6014A, PD6055, PS10020B, PS10064, PS1511, PS1512, PS1513, PS1514, PS1515, PS1516, PS1517, PS8913, PTC506, Q2Z-10A, QB110DV, QZ10T10, QZ10T5, RA-26, RA26(ZENER), RA-2(ZENER), RD10, RD10.0E, RD10C, RD10EB-0.4W, RD10EB-2, RD10EK-7, RD10F, RD10FA, RD10FB, RD10FB1, RD10FB2, RD10FBD, RD10FC, RD10H, RD10M, RD11A, RD-11B, RD-9E, RE115, REN140, RH-EX0023GEZZ, RHEX0023GEZZ, RH-EX0071CEZZ, RT-241, RVD14740, RVD1N4740, S5240B, S6-10, S6-10A, S6-10B, S6-10C, SD27, SK10V, SK10V/140A, SK3061, SK3061/140A, SP3061, SV133, SV42, SZ10, SZ10B, SZ13454, SZ-200-10, SZL9, TIXD758, TM140, TM140A, TMD08, TMD08A, TR228736003026, TR330028, TVSRA-26, TVSRA26(ZENER), TVSRD10FC, TVSRD11, TVSRD11A, UDZ8710, UZ10BL, UZ1-10, UZ8710, UZ8810, UZL-10, UZP-10B, VHEWZ-100-1F, VHEWZ-1001F, VHEWZ-1001F(10V), VR10, VR10A, VR10B, W1-098, W1-100, W2-098, W2-100, W4-098, W4-100, W8-098, W8-100, W9-098, W9-100, WA-098B, WA-098C, WA-098D, WA-100, WA-100A, WA-100B, WA-100C, WA-100D, WB-098, WB-098B, WB-098C, WB-098D, WB-100, WB-100A, WB-100B, WB-100C, WB-100D, WC-098, WC-098A, WC-098B, WC-098C, WC-098D, WC-100, WC-100A, WC-100B, WC-100C, WC-100D, WC-140D, WD-098, WD-098A, WD-098B, WD-098C, WD-098D, WD-100, WD-100A, WD-100B, WD-100C, WD-100D, WE-098, WE-098A, WE-098B, WE-098C, WE-098D, WE-100, WE-100A, WE-100B, WE-100C, WE-100D, WE-110D, WEP101, WEP1110, WF-098, WF-098A, WF-098B, WF-098C, WF-098D, WF-100, WF-100A, WG-098, WG-098A, WG-098B, WG-098C, WG-098D, WG-100, WG-100A, WG-100B, WG-100C, WG-100D, WH-098, WH-098A, WH-098B, WH-098C, WH-098D, WH-100, WH-100A, WH-100B, WH-100C, WH-100D, WI-098, WI-098A, WI-098B, WI-098C, WI-098D, WI-100, WI-100A, WI-100B, WI-100C, WI-100D, WJ-098, WJ-098A, WJ-098B, WJ-098C, WJ-098D, WJ-100, WJ-100A, WJ-100B, WJ-100C, WJ-100D, WK-098, WK-098A, WK-098B, WK-098C, WK-098D, WK-100, WK-100B, WK-100C, WK-100D, WL-098, WL-098A, WL-098B, WL-098C, WL-098D, WL-100, WL-100A, WL-100B, WL-100C, WL-100D, WM-098, WM-098A, WM-098B, WM-098C, WM-098D, WM-100, WM-100A, WM-100B, WM-100C, WM-100D, WN-098, WN-098A, WN-098B, WN-098C, WN-098D, WN-100, WN-100A, WN-100B, WN-100C, WN-100D, WO-098, WO-098A, WO-098B, WO-098C, WO-098D, WO-100A, WO-100B, WO-100C, WO-100D, WP-098, WP-098A, WP-098B, WP-098C, WP-098D, WP-100, WP-100A, WP-100B, WP-100C, WP-100D, WQ-098, WQ-098A, WQ-098B, WQ-098C, WQ-098D, WQ-100, WQ-100A, WQ-100B, WQ-100C, WQ-100D, WR-098, WR-098A, WR-098B, WR-098C, WR-098D, WR-100, WR-100A, WR-100B, WR-100C, WR-100D, WS-098, WS-098A, WS-098B, WS-098C, WS-098D, WS-100, WS-100A, WS-100B, WS-100C, WS-100D, WT-098, WT-098A, WT-098B, WT-098C, WT-098D, WT-100, WT-100A, WT-100B, WT-100C, WT-100D, WU-098, WU-098A, WU-098B, WU-098C, WU-098D, WU-100, WU-100A, WU-100B, WU-100C, WU-100D, WU2N1307, WV-098, WV-098A, WV-098B, WV-098C, WV-098D, WV-100, WV-100A, WV-100B, WV-100C, WV-100D, WW-098, WW-098A, WW-098B, WW-098C, WW-098D, WW-100, WW-100A, WW-100B, WW-100C, WW-100D, WX096, WX-098, WX-098A, WX-098B, WX-098C, WX-098D, WX-100, WX-100A, WX-100B, WX-100C, WX-100D, WY-098, WY-098A, WY-098B, WY-098C, WY-098D, WY-100, WY-100A, WY-100B, WY-100C, WY-100D, WZ-088A, WZ090A, WZ-092A, WZ-094A, WZ096, WZ-098A, WZ10, WZ-100A, WZ310A, WZ533, XZ-096, XZ098, XZ-100, XZ100, XZ-102, XZ102, Z0220, Z0413, Z0B10, Z0C10, Z0D10, Z10, Z10K, Z1110, Z1110-C, Z1210, Z1B10, Z1C10, Z1D10, Z4740A, Z4B10, Z5B10, Z5C10, Z5D10, ZA10B, ZB10, ZB10A, ZB10B, ZB10X, ZB1-10A, ZB210, ZC010, ZC110, ZD10 (Minor mechanical difference exists, but device will fit most applications.), ZE10, ZF10 (Minor mechanical difference exists, but device will fit most applications.), ZF10P, ZF110, ZF210, ZG10, ZH10B, ZM10, ZM10A, ZM10B, ZP10, ZPY10, ZW10, ZY10, ZZ10

Vetco stocks a complete inventory of electronic parts, including Integrated Circuits (IC's), Transistors, Diodes, and LEDs.
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