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Real Time Clock Module (DS1307) for Arduino

What time is it? The DS1307 Real Time Clock Chip knows. This tiny module will provide your project with an very accurate clock - sending the year, month, day, hour, minute and second as I2C serial data. The internal clock on an Arduino and most other microcontrollers tends to drift over time. After long periods, the internal clock may be off by several minutes or worse! Accurate clocks are important for logging data, synchronizing events, etc.

The module has it's own battery backup - The included CR2032 lithium coin-cell battery is capable of running this module for 10 years.

As an added bonus, the real time clock module includes 32Kb serial eeprom chip (24C32). Accessing this storage space from an Arduino or other microcontroller is easy over the I2C serial bus.
This module is well supported in the Arduino IDE with the RTC library. It is also easy to hook up, only 5 wires are necessary for operation:

  • VCC - (5VDC when talking to the module - the module goes to sleep when this voltage is not present.
  • GND
  • SCL (I2C Clock)
  • SDA (I2C Data)
  • SQW (Optional - Square Wave Output)

An excellent tutorial for using a similar RTC module is located here:

These come in a verity of shapes and sizes, BUT the two different ones in the image above are the most common and likely the one we will have in stock. If you have a specific need for a specific shape or size unit, please contact us BEFORE ordering. Battery NOT included!

Dimensions:1+1/8" x 1"
QTY: 1 x Real Time Clock Module (DS1307) for Arduino

Product condition: New

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -