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MG Super Thermal Grease
MG Part Number: 8616-3ml

Designed for use with heat sinks to effectively dissipate heat generated by electronic devices and circuitry. Ideally used to cool CPUs (over clocking), chipset and graphics cards.

Formulated with Boron Nitride, this grease gives super high thermal conductivity without the capacitance issue associated with silver filled greases.

  • Thermal conductivity of 1.8 w/(m·k)
  • Silicone Free and non-bleeding
  • Lowers the contact resistance between irregular surfaces
  • Extends the life of electronic components
  • High dielectric strength
  • Safe on plastics
Heat sinks alone are not effective enough to properly cool your system do to the imperfections on the surface of your circuitry and the heat sink.

The use of our Super Thermal Grease in assisting the heat sink will provide you with superior heat dissipating ability.

Physical Properties
Shelf Life 5 year
Storage Temperature Limits -10 to +40 °C
[14 to +104°F]
Service Temperature -68 to +165 °C
[-90 to +329 °F]
Maximum coverage
for 25μm  [1.0 mil] thickness
2  [2]
Color   White, silvery cream-like
Filler   Aluminum oxide, zinc oxide, and boron nitride
Odor   Odorless
Density @25 °C   2.74 g/mL
Viscosity @25 °C [77 °F]   test in progress
Drop Point ASTM D 2265 > 300°C  [> 572 °F]
Cone Penetration ASTM D 217 test in progress
Oil Separation (Boeing test)   None
Salt Spray Corrosion Resistance ASTM B 117 Pass
Corrosivity   Non-corrosive
%Evaporation loss @ 25 °C, 44 h   0% (wt)
%Evaporation loss @ 204 °C, 44 h   5% (wt)
VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) Estimated 5% to 18%
Lubricant   No
Bleed resistant   Yes
Thermal Properties
Thermal Conductivity
@25 °C
ASTM E 1461 1.8 W/(m·žK)
    12 Btu·in/(h·ft2·°F)
Volume resistivity (ρv)   test in progress 
Dielectric strength   test in progress 
Synthetic Oil Properties
Oil viscosity index ASTM D 2270 > 110
Fire Point  ASTM D 92 321 °C [559 °F]
Flash Point ASTM D 92 > 290 °C [550 °F]

QTY: 1 3ml Syringe (.10oz)

For full specs, please see the DATASHEET.

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