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ATTENTION: Vetco Gift Card System Change-over NOTICE

Written by Christopher on Thursday, August 15, 2019.


Attention Vetco Gift Card Customers!


Vetco is switching gift card systems!


How this impacts you, as a gift card purchaser or holder? You MUST get into contact with us to transfer your balance to the new system BEFORE the first day of 2020 (January 1st 2020). On Jan 1st 2020, the old gift card system will be deactivated and all non-transferred balances will be LOST FOREVER. The gift card company doesn’t keep track of who had a gift card, so there is no way for us to locate and contact current card holders.


Transferring your balance is easy. You can contact us via the telephone and read us the number off the back of your card, or email us the number or a picture of your card so we can verify its balance and transfer it to the new system and attach your phone number and name to it. You can also text message the picture with your name to us at: 425-417-2409 and we will initiate contact. You will ALWAYS receive a confirmation of balance and successful transfer, if you did not then we missed your email or text and you MUST call us at: 425-641-7275 (Press 1) so we can finish helping you.


You can also come into the store with your card, or your card number and we can transfer the balance. The good news is that you get to keep the physical card you already have. All we are doing is just transferring the balance.


You can see an example below of the number on the back of the card that you need to show us to help you.




Again, it is extremely important that you contact us BEFORE JAN 1 2020 or your balance will be irretrievably lost and we can not get it back for you. We will post this on our Facebook and in the retail store. We will also determine a proper campaign to advertise this information on our website too. Be it in the “fine print section” or as a banner on our website. We have no ability to automatically transfer ANY gift cards ourselves without you contacting us. We don’t have a database of the card numbers and the card issuer seems to be unable to provide us with one either. You MUST contact us to have this happen. After the cut off date, we have NO WAY to go back and see what your old balance use to be and your card will be completely invalidated. It is your responsibility to contact us BEFORE the cut off date.


All gift cards that are issued from this point on (09-05-2019) will be part of the new system and you will not have to do any work or contact us. Any card issued after (09-05-2019) is safe and already has a balance in our new system.


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