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Resistor Color Code Calculator Card
Elenco Part Number: 9CC100

This paper and cardstock resistor color code calculator is a must-have device for anyone working with electronics. It is a simple, accurate, and time-tested method for finding resistor values from the color bands, or vice-versa.

Finding the value of a resistor is as simple as rotating the wheels on the card until the colors match those of the resistor. The resistor value and tolerance is displayed in the small round windows. Likewise, you can determine the color bands of a resistor value by the reversing the method.

This tool also works for the now archaic capacitor color code system. The reverse side of the card had the color code calculator for the equally obscure inductor color code.

What is the color code of a 470 Ohm Resistor? What resistor has a Brown, Green, Orange color code? If you know the answer, you don't need this tool, but for the rest of us - Buy this Resistor Color Code Calculator to find out.

QTY: 1 x Resistor Color Code Calculator Card

Product condition: New

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -