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Hakko FX-951 Soldering Station w/ Tip T15-B2


The Hakko FX951-66 is a high quality, user friendly soldering station.  The FX951-66 features numerous innovations to streamline its use, and make your workflow faster and more efficient.  This is a complete station that is ready to go.

Automatic sleep mode functionality

The FX951-66 features an automatic sleep mode, reducing oxidization and extending tip life.  The station will automatically reduce and increase temperature, completely by itself – the only thing you do is put the iron back in the stand.  The stand contains a spring loaded mechanism, activated by the insertion and removal of your soldering pencil, and is connected by a wire (included) to the power station.  When the iron is placed in the FH200-01 stand, a signal is sent to the power station and sleep mode is automatically activated, reducing the temperature approximately 400° F.  This not only reduces operating costs, but also reduces tip oxidization.  When the iron is removed from the stand, a signal is again sent to the power station, and the iron automatically increases temperature. The FX951-66 uses specialized composite tips with excellent thermal recovery, making this an extremely fast process.

Quick-change composite tips

The FX951-66 uses the T15 series composite tip.  Composite tips are specialized products, with both the sensor and heating element integrated in the ceramic.  This offers superior thermal response and greatly improved thermal recovery.  The T15 is also available in several dozen shapes and sizes, for applications from through hole to SMD, and everywhere in between.  It is important to note that due to the wide range available, tips are sold separately with the FX951-66.  Please see the tab labeled “Accessories” on this page for a complete listing.

Changing tips on the FX951-66 has been made easy with Hakko’s quick change sleeve assembly.  Your T15 tip is held in an ergonomic, anti-microbial sleeve which simply clicks into place.  When you want to remove the tip, you simply click the sleeve off and it removes as one piece.  To make things even easier, the sleeves are inexpensive and available in several colors.  Therefore, to streamline your work flow, a certain tip style can be assigned its own color.  For example, your conical tip can be green, your chisel tip can be orange, and so forth.  The FX951-66 also includes a tip tray, so everything is readily accessible on your bench.

Accessories for micro soldering applications

The FX951-66 can also be expanded for use in surface mount applications using components sized 0201 and smaller.  The optional FM2032-52 micro soldering kit enables precision micro-soldering in the tightest spots on your board.  It includes a slender, lightweight hand piece, with a tip-to-grip distance optimized for operator dexterity when used with microscopes and magnifiers.


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