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Gone are the days of soldering together linear voltage regulators, filtering capacitors and adjustable resistors to get a lower, stable power supply for your project.

This compact DC-DC Converter is a simple way to reduce a higher input voltage to a lower output voltage. Based on the LM2596 Buck Converter IC, It works at current up to 2A (3A with heatsink) and has an efficiency of up to 92%. Remember, just because your device is labeled with a specific amperage draw, it may draw more than it says. Drawing more than 2 amps (3 with heatsink) will damage these and cause them to fail

The output voltage is adjustable between 1.5V-35VDC and the input voltage range is 4.5V-40VDC.

Max Current: 2A (3A MAX with heatsink)

The output voltage can be adjusted using the on-board potentiometer.

NOTE: The voltage is adjusted by turning the (25 turn) blue potentiometer's brass screw, either to the right or the left. These 25 turn potentiometers take a LOT of turning before they will start changing the output. Twenty five turns may not seem like a lot, but its always more than you expect it to be. You can be sure you have hit either side of the maximum turns by the clicking sound the potentiometer makes when you have reached the end. Turning the potentiometer to the LEFT (counter-clockwise) will reduce the voltage the unit puts out. While turning the potentiometer to the RIGHT (clockwise) will increase the voltage the unit lets through. (this direction may change if the potentiometer is installed backwards).

The module has over-current protection and is non-isolated. Solder pads are provided for connection to your voltage input and outputs leads. The solder pads will accept wire up to 18AWG. Two mounting holes on the board will pass a 6/32 screw.

You will need a multimeter to set the output voltage. To adjust the voltage, connect the meter to the output connections on the module and then turn on your power source. Turn the potentiometer clockwise or anti-clockwise until you reach the desired output voltage.


  • Input Voltage: 4.5-40 VDC
  • Output Voltage: 1.5-35 VDC
  • Voltage Differential Required: Output Current: 2A, 3A with external heatsink or cooling
  • Full load temperature rise: 40°C
  • Voltage Regulation +/- 0.5%
  • Dynamic Response Speed: 5% 200uS
  • Efficiency: up to 92% (at 40VDC input, efficiency reduces as input voltage drops
  • Switching Frequency: 150kHz
  • Non-Isolated, Bucking Step-Down design
  • Current-Limited / Over-Current Protection
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40°C ~ +85°C

Size: 42mm x 20mm x 10mm
This board comes in two versions: one has a red PCB and the other has a blue PCB. They are identical except for the color difference. We will ship you whichever happens to be in-stock at the time of your order.
QTY: 1 x DC-DC Adjustable Step-Down Voltage Regulator Module. 1.5-35VDC Outupt @ 2A


NOTE: These boards are imported from China (but we have U.S. stock) and the manufacturer has been known to change certain characteristics of the boards depending on what parts are available. These changes include color of circuit board. We have seen red, green and blue. Other changes include the type of inductor. Sometimes its an SMT one and sometimes its toroidal. And finally, sometimes they come with screws and brass stand-off studs. However, these characteristic changes and substitutions are done without notice, and are extremely unreliable to plan on. So none of these specific characteristics are guaranteed. And in most cases, we are unable to guarantee or select specific boards with any of these specific characteristics based on request. None of these changes will affect the physical or electrical functionality of the board.

Click here to read the California regulatory warning.