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500F (500 Farad) 2.7V Super Capacitor

Is your day boring? Do you need something fun to do?
Well now you can have a Super time. Give yourself a SUPER day!
Spice up your life with some SUPER FUN!
Get yourself a SUPER CAPACITOR!

These awesome super capacitors are great to play around with. They can run an LED for a LONG time on a single charge. You can use them as intermittent power sources. You can do all kinds of fun things with these. Even use them for legitimate uses as well.

They are 500 Farad. That’s right, not micro-farad (uF), these are five hundred farads. They are amazing. They take a bit of time to charge to full capacity. And they run things for a LONG time. We have messed around with these in store here, and they are loads of fun.

A bit of a note: These take VERY high initial charge current for their first charge. For instance, if you have a 1 or 2 amp power supply at 2.7V, you will never be able to charge these for their first charge. It just won’t happen. They will act like a dead short on your power supply and never retain any charge.
The initial (first) charge on the ones we played around with in store took about 20 amps at 2.7V to charge. After that initial charge, they will charge at MUCH lower amperages. But it was just something that was kind of interesting that we had never run into before with a capacitor.
If you need us to charge it up before you buy it, tell us. We can do the initial charge on it for you. No matter what though, you will still need to be able to provide high amperage power to these to charge them. Remember to NEVER charge them above 2.7V DC. And NEVER charge them in a series. NEVER dead short a capacitor.

If you leave them in storage, discharged. You will need to 20A high current charge them again.

Questions? Shoot us an email!

Capacitance: 500F
Voltage-Rated: 2.7V
Tolerance: -10% ~+20%
Mounting Type: Through Hole
Size / Dimension(Diameter): 61x35 mm
Pin Spacing: 9 ± 0.2mm


One capacitor per pack. Order as many as you would like.



IN STORE ITEM LOCATION: These super capacitors are located in the front glass display case under the 2nd customer workstation computer. They are in a blue Akro bin. If you are looking at the electrolytic capacitor drawers on the endcap of aisle 6, then turn immediately around and they will be in the glass display counter case. Only employee accessible.


Click here to read the California regulatory warning.