Audio & Video


Vetco Electronics is your one-stop-shop for audio/visual equipment. We have great prices on all the tools you need including A/V amps & splitters, cables, HDMI products, and more. Take your A/V capabilities to a new level, consolidate your current system, or both!


Cables & Other Tools

As your system continues to grow, your audio/visual component cabinet only gets messier and messier. Wouldn’t you like to clean it up and streamline your system with new, more powerful technology? With some new cables, switchers, or other converter products, you can have a more reliable connection with fewer cables.

Mounts & Wallplates

Secure your TV or monitor to the wall or ceiling with one of the many sturdy mounting options that we carry. Plus, If you’re setting up your own home theater or work in a school, our projector mounts are some of the best you’ll find. We have wallplates for just about every configuration you could ever want, so you don’t have to worry about keeping your audio/visual equipment protected. The wallplates are durable and very easy to install.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Vetco Electronics, we deal with only high-quality equipment ideal for both professional and personal use. We guarantee that you will be totally satisfied with your purchase, and we’re sure that it will help keep your systems running smoothly and securely. If you have questions, you can reach us at (425) 641-7275, through our contact page, or learn more through our FAQ blogs.

Upgrade your audio/visual component cabinet and other equipment with the help of Vetco Electronics today!