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Xytronic 710654 Soldering Iron Tip - 0.4mm Fine Point
Xytronic Part Number: XY-44-710654

This is a premium quality silver plated soldering iron tip for our Xytronic soldering irons listed below. It is a "precision" tip, meaning it has an extremely fine point and can be used for very fine pitched connectors, SMD IC's, etc.
This tip has the following features:
  • 18MM Long Conical Tip
  • 0.4MM (1/64") Point
This soldering iron tip fits the following Xytronic Soldering Irons:
  • 307A
  • LF8800
  • LF2000

Vetco carries a full line of soldering iron tips for Xytronic brand soldering irons.
QTY: 1 x Xytronic 710654 Soldering Iron Tip - 0.2mm Fine Point

Product condition: New