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Xytronic 168 Digital Temperature Controlled Soldering Station

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Product Description

Xytronic 168 Digital Temperature Controlled Soldering Station
Xytronic Part Number: 168-3CDK

This is a 70 Watt Digital Soldering Station with a high-quality, long-life NICHROME heating element. This is an revised and upgraded version of the venerable Xytronic 168-3C soldering station. New features include an upgraded housing, bright LED digital read out and a calibration port added to the front base for convenient fine tuning. The variable temperature control means that no tip or heating element changes are necessary to adjust the temperature.

This soldering station is an excellent choice if you are looking to "Step up" your soldering equipment. The Xytronic 168-3CDK has become a favorite among the employees of Vetco Electronics, and many of them use this station on their home work benches. It heats up fast, maintains an accurate tip temperature and is built to last.

Suitable for production, repair/rework and general purpose use. This soldering station uses the Xytronic XY-207K Soldering Iron, which accepts a wide range of different soldering iron tips, all available from Vetco Electronics.

  • Bright LED Digital Temperature Display
  • LED Power and Heating Indicators
  • 70 Watt Heating Element
  • Adjustable Temperature Range of 300°F - 850°F
  • Temperature Stability: Accurate to within +/- 3°C, (6°F)
  • Zero Voltage switching and fully grounded design, safe for electro-sensitive devices
  • Isolated Power Supply (24VAC Transformer)
  • Temperature Setting Lock Out
The XY-168-3CDK Soldering Station Includes The Following:
  • XY-207K Soldering Iron with preloaded 44-510602 1/16" Conical tip
  • Soldering Station Base Controller with Digital Temperature Readout and Calibration Port
  • AC power cord
  • Waterless tip dresser (brass curls)
  • Iron stand
  • Operator manual

A full range of tips and replacement soldering irons are in-stock at Vetco for this soldering station.
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