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Xytronic 12 Desoldering Iron Tip - 1.2mm

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Product Description

Xytronic 12 Desoldering Iron Tip - 1.2mm
Xytronic Part Number: 44-915412-2075

This is desoldering iron tip for the Xytronic Desoldering Irons listed below, specifically Desoldering stations using the DIA80 32V / 80W Desoldering Iron. Note: The picture shows the tip as received by the manufacturer. There is a ball of solder that melts on first use exposing the opening.
This tip has the following features:
  • 1.2mm opening
This soldering iron tip fits the following Xytronic Soldering Irons:
  • LF-6000
  • LF-7000
  • LF-8000.
  • DIA80 ESD

Vetco carries a full line of soldering iron tips for Xytronic brand soldering irons.
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