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Product Description

Easily add remote control to your home with this simple plug.

Compatable with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant/Google Home, IFTTT


This is a very useful pack of WiFi connected outlets that allow you to get your home automated. Or at the very least, not have to get up to turn the light off.

Use for home automation or for your holiday decorations. Create cool automated effects, or manage things remotely.

You can even use this at LAN parties to mess with your friends.

These modules are compatible with Alexa and Google Home automation and control software.

NOTE: MUST connect to a 2.4GHz network, these can NOT connect to 5GHz networks.



NOTE: It is NOT recommended that you use devices like these in situations where lives may depend on their function. Do not use to control nuclear power plants, weapon systems, or the WiFi router that they are connected to. Not recommended for space heaters or high wattage inductive loads.

Product condition: New

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -