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Wearable / Sewable Magnetic Switch

Part number: VUPN8558

This sweable magnetic switch can be used to activate a circuit on your wearable/e-textile project when a magnet is brought near. A tiny, powerful magnet is included. No soldering required! The contacts on this switch have been designed specially to make contact with our conductive thread.

Sew the switch into a pocket and conceal the magnet in a flap of fabric, etc. or light up your handbag or back pack when it is zipped shut, have it turn off when opened.
Dimensions: 25mm L x 6mm W x 3mm H.
This magnetic switch is a must-have item for anyone working with wearables, e-textiles, or e-fashion electronics.

QTY 1 x Wearable / Sewable Magnetic Switch - Includes one small magnet.
Product condition: New