WAHL ISO-TIP QuickCharge Cordless Rechargeable Soldering Iron
Iso 7740

WAHL ISO-TIP QuickCharge Cordless Rechargeable Soldering Iron

Part number: ISO-7740

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WAHL Electronics ISO-TIP QuickCharge Cordless Soldering Iron
Manufacturer Part Number: 7740


The ISO-TIP 7740 Quick Charge is a cordless rechargeable soldering iron kit. Due to direct current operation and the use of isolated ceramic tips, electrical leaks and damage caused by electric charge are completely eliminated. Recharges in 3.5 to 4 Hours.

  • ISO-TIP 7740 Features:Over 900°F tip temperature in 5 to 10 seconds
  • DC soldering performance equivalent to a 25 Watt AC unit
  • Extended soldering times up to 125 electronic joints per charge
  • Can be used intermittently when kept in charging stand between uses, and can not overcharge
  • Built-in light near tip to illuminate work area
  • Safety switch to prevent accidental heating and discharge
  • LED indicator light when Ni-Cad battery is fully recharged
  • Tip detaches instantly without tools
  • 7740 Includes:
    • 7750 - 1 ISO-TIP Quick Charge cordless iron
    • 7733 - 1 Nickel cadmium rechargeable battery pack
    • 7545 - 1 Fine tip
    • 7546 - 1 Heavy-duty tip
    • 7728-100 - 1 Charging stand
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Product condition: New