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USB Li-Ion Battery Charger with Molex 51006 51005 plugs on it.


Works with our: 3.7v LiPo BATTERY


USB 5V DC input and 3.7V Output for charging 1S Lipo Lithium Battery

USB Cable Charger with Molex 51006 51005 plug.



1, connect the LiPo battery to the Molex connector on the end of the cable.

2, plug the USB charger into a USB port that provides at LEAST 500 mA (most PC ports, most phone chargers).

3, a red LED should come on (can be seen through plastic) which indicates charging. Once the battery is done charging, the LED will turn off.

NOTE: If your battery is already fully charged, the LED may not turn on at all. It also may not turn on, or it may flash if it detects a bad battery. There is only one color for the LED and it is red. Charging time is dependent on battery capacity. We don't have a chart for this.

This charger includes a micro-controller which is programed to charge 3.7V LiPo batteries.


Note: For Lipo battery only, do not use for Nimh or Ni-Cd or Li-Ion battery.

Package included:
1PC*USB battery charger cable (battery not included)

Product condition: New

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -