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STEGOFIX is a small aid specially designed to make mounting of smaller DIN rail mountable components easier. It can be used whenever the installation of a DIN rail is impractical, or when there is not enough space left in an enclosure.

Because of its industrial grade self-adhesive it can be installed much easier and quicker than a conventional DIN rail, without the effort of hole drilling and screw mounting. This is especially practical for subsequent changes or additions in an already equipped enclosure.

STEGOFIX can hold components up to 1.1 lbs in weight. Some of the many applications include the mounting of timing relays, series terminals, thermostats, cable channels and even small heaters. In addition, DIN rails can be mounted STEGOFIX units.

If the weight of attached components exceeds the load limit, or if a more secure mounting is desired, (e.g. on rough surfaces), it can also be screw-mounted. All that is necessary to install STEGOFIX is a smooth and clean surface. The initial adhesive power is 40%, and after 24 hours, it has its full holding power of 1.1 lbs.

QTY: 5 Adhesive backed mounts
Product condition: New