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This connector seals, glues, and solders two wires together all at once! Simply stick two wires in, apply hot air (such as from our 2-Speed Heat Gun HERE) and watch in awe as the heat shrink quickly shrinks while the low-temp solder melts, joining the two wires together. This creates a tight waterproof seal, and has greater pull strength when compared to PVC or nylon insulated butt connectors.

  • Waterproof hot melt adhesive
  • Maximum electrical rating: 1Kv
  • Shrink temperature: +60°C
  • Starting temperature of solder melt: +138°C
  • Operating temperature: -55° to +125°C
  • Solder Material: SnBi (42% Tin, 58% Bismuth)
  • Terminal Material: Tin
  • Insulated Material: Heat shrinkable tube

Please see data sheet for dimensions.

Product condition: New