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Looking for that cool thing to add to your Halloween display or add to the decorations for the home or office?

This is a great little item just for that.

The Smoking Cauldron actually just uses water, which an electric atomizer uses ultrasonic frequencys to create water vapor that looks and acts like smoke or fog.

Its got color changing LEDs in it to light up the fog.

These things are super cool!



-If you under-fill or the water level gets to low, the safety shut off will turn the fogger off.

-If you over-fill the water level, then the fogger won't be able to create the vapor stream it needs to generate the fog.

-The power cord comes with a rubber plug on it, so you can drill a hole near the top of the Cauldron and run the power cord through. Though this isn't a requirement, it just looks nicer.

-ONLY use water in these. Don't use fog juice or glycol. Don't use sents or other liquids. No salt water.

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -