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SD Card Reader for Arduino

This SD Card reader module is intended to be used with the Arduino series of Microcontrollers, but it can be adapted to other devices as well. It has a standard full-size SD card socket and provides a 16-Pin header with all of the control and data pins.
This board makes it easy to read and write data to an SD card using your arduino. You could use this to build your own Data Logger or MP3 Player, etc. !
The header has all of the SD Card SPI Pins, including MOSI, SCK, MISO and CS (C_CD). It can be operated from either 5VDC or 3.3VDC, and includes an on-board 3.3VDC regulator.

This item is just the SD Card Reader for Arduino. No additional shields, power supplies, cables, software or other accessories are included. Vetco sells an ever increasing selection of Arduino shields and Arduino sensors.

QTY: 1 x SD Card Reader for Arduino

Product condition: New