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 Smart STEAM Concepts & Hands-On Science Activity Kit

    This phenomenal STEAM kit gives kids the chance to experience the scientific process in a hands-on way, just like a real scientist!
    There are so many activities and experiments to try that they'll be busy for hours, exploring the fascinating world of chemistry.
    Learning that encompasses the five basic STEAM principles is key

Protect your kids eyes all-round, a transparent and clear lens lets kids can have a good vision in any environment.
Experiements manual

Clearly written and illustrated instruction manual will also guide your child on an easy to follow step-by-step learning excursion through each experiment.
Name badge

ID name card that you can actually write on! Make your own scientist badge
Real life tools

This set's kid-safe science tool are sized just right for little hands! Made from durable plastic, these tools clean and store easily when experiment time is done!
science kit
FUN and LEARNING are plentiful with this incredible STEAM science set for kids

    The hands-on science activity kit allows children to develop different cognitive skills through play. Scientific studies show that when we are having fun learning or making discoveries during an experiment, that positive experience helps stimulate the brain!
    With top quality tools that are made to look like those found in a real chemist’s lab, your child will enjoy hours of fun creating Floating Drawings, Magic PH Indicator, Artificial Snow, Rainbow Ferris Wheel and Homemade Bubble Water experiments with this kid's science kit!

science kit
Each experiment is easy to conduct and a whole lot of fun!

    Volcano Eruptions - A volcanic eruption is when the Earth's interior is filled with hot magma and expanding bubbles.
    Crystal Growing - The crystals, which would have taken millions of years to appear, can be formed in a short time, allowing more people to create their own crystals, a world of rare crystallisation.
    Lava Flows - When enough carbon dioxide gas has accumulated, the carbon dioxide gas carries the coloured water out of the oil-water layer, reaching the top of the oil and eventually overflowing into the air.
    Fruit Circuits - The structure of a fruit-powered battery mimics that of a real battery.
    Balloon Rocket - Once you let out the air inside of your balloon, it creates a forward motion called THRUST!
    Water Beads for Plants - Beads swell up as they absorb water. They can be used as a soil additive or on their own.
    Rainbow Walking Water - The water moves up the paper towels through a process called capillary action.

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