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RJ-45 Crimper - Non-Ratcheting
Velleman Part Number: VTM8

Need to install a few RJ-45 ends onto CAT-5 or CAT-6 cable? Repairing a few cables with broken tabs? This RJ-45 Crimp Tool is perfect for small jobs! Compatible with all RJ-45 crimp connectors.
In addition to being an RJ-45 crimper, this tool has built-in CAT-5 cutting and CAT-5 stripping blades. Stripping and cutting is as easy as inserting the cable and squeezing. No need to switch tools to complete your installation!
Quality steel construction, spring-loaded opening, safety close latch, replaceable cutting/stripping blades and molded plastic hand grips make this tool a great choice for IT departments and home owners.

Overall Length: 8"
QTY: 1 x RJ-45 Crimper - Non-Ratcheting

Product condition: New