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RJ-45 / CAT-6 Male Crimp Connector w/Insert for Solid Conductor Wire - 5 Pack
This is an easier to use version of the traditional CAT-6 / RJ-45 Male crimp plug. These connectors include a plastic insert that keeps the individual wires aligned and in the correct order while they are inserted into the connector housing. The plastic inset and wires are pushed into the housing and then crimped like a normal RJ-45 connector. This connector is designed for use with SOLID CAT-6 WIRE

To use, simply strip your CAT-6 cable, put the wires in the correct order, and insert them into the plastic sleeve/insert. Trim the excess wire to length and then push everything into the connector and crimp. This connector eliminates the need to juggle holding 8 wires in alignment while attempting to crimp, etc. It also eliminates the swearing, punching, and other associated acts of frustration that are synonymous with crimping network cables.

These connectors can be crimped with any standard RJ-45 crimp tool.
QTY: 5 Connectors and Plastic Inserts for Solid CAT-6 Wire.

Product condition: New

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