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Right-Angle USB Adapter (A Male - A - Female) Left Hand
This USB cable is great for low-profile and tight-fit application. The USB-A-Male connector is at a right angle and protrudes only 1/2" when fully plugged in. The other end of this 4.5 inch pigtail-style cable is a USB-A-female jack, allowing you to plug in your device or cable.

This adapter cable has the following configuration:
  • USB A-Male Right-Angle - Points Left when viewed from the rear of the USB Plug.
  • USB A-Female
  • Length: 4.5 inches

This adapter is left-handed (levo) in the following sense: take the male end of the adapter, set it on a table in front of you with the imprinted USB symbol facing up, and the male plug pointing away from you. Then, the cord extends to the LEFT of the male plug.

QTY: 1 x Right-Angle USB Adapter (A Male - A - Female)
Product condition: New