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RG-6/U Quad Shield Coax Cable Box of 1000'

Part number: SHX-RG6QUAD-U-BOX
Bulk RG-6/U Quad Shield Coax Cable

This coax cable is commonly used for Satellite, Digital Cable, Standard CATV (Cable TV), and Video/Audio systems. This is the coax cable you should buy if you are doing a new installation in a home or office. Please email for complete cable specifications.
  • Impedance: 75 Ohm
  • Shielding: 2x Tinned Copper and 2x Mylar Foil
  • Dialectic: Foam
  • Center Conductor: 18 AWG Solid Copper

Current color is Black. White and other colors may be available. Please inquire at the time of purchase.
QTY: 1000' easy pull box.
Also available by the foot.
Product condition: New