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RG-58 / RG-59 / RG-62 Coax Stripper
Ve vtcoax3

RG-58 / RG-59 / RG-62 Coax Stripper

Part number: VE-VTCOAX3
RG-58 / RG-59 / RG-62 Coax Stripper
Velleman Part Number: VTCOAX3

This coax stripper will strip and prepare RG-58, RG-59 and RG-62 coax properly before crimping on connectors. It is a 3 blade design and the strip length can be adjusted from 12mm to 8mm. The blade depth is also adjustable with the included hex wrench.
This is a simple stripper to operate and it automatically strips back the jacket, dielectric and center conductor with just a simple turn of the tool.

QTY: 1 RG-58/RG-59/RG-62 Stripping Tool
Product condition: New