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RG-316/U Coax Cable - Spool of 1000'

Part number: VUPN8632

RG-316/U Coax Cable - Spool of 1000'

This high-quality RG-316 coax cable meets demanding specifications. It features a standard 50 Ohm Impedance, silver plated center conductor, silver plated 95% coverage braid and a TFE teflon insulation.

Center Conductor AWG: 26 AWG
Center Conductor Material: Silver Coated Copper Covered Steel
Center Conductor Stranding: 7x34 strand
Dielectric Material: TFE Teflon
Nominal Operation Diameter: 0.097"
Shielding: 95%
Braid Material: Silver Coated Copper Braid
Final Jacket Material: Brown FEP

Nominal Attenuation:
Impedance: 50 Ohms
Velocity Factor: .66

Frequency (MHz): Nom dB/100ft
50MHz 5.6dB
100MHz 8.3dB
200MHz 12.0dB
400MHz 17.5dB
1000MHz 29.0dB
This cable is sold by a full spool/reel of 1000 feet. This cable is also available for purchase by the foot, please see Vetco part number VUPN8633 to purchase.

Product condition: New