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RG-213/RG-214 Coax Stripper

Part number: PAN-PHT-73S-33
RG-213 Coax Stripper
Part Number: HT-312S

This easy to use stripper is sized specifically for RG-213 and RG-214 Coaxial Cable. Stripping coax cable with this tool is a simple operation and full operating instructions are provided. Simply insert the coax and rotate the tool 3-4 times for a perfect strip.
This tool features 3 stripping blades for a 12mm overall strip, 4mm dielectric and 8mm shield. Blade depth is also adjustable with the included hex wrench.

QTY: 1 Coax Stripping Tool for RG-213/RG-214 (Includes blade adjustment wrench)
Product condition: New