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RFID Reader/Writer Module for Arduino w/RFID Card

Give your Arduino the power to read and write RFID cards! Based on NXP's versatile MFRC522 chip, this module reads and writes MIFARE (ISO14443) compatible RFID devices - ubiquitous in most RFID access badges and access cards.

This board will read and write cards that function at the 13.56MHz frequency.

This board features an etched copper antenna, and routes all connections through a breadboard-friendly 8-Pin header. This board is configured to use the SPI communication protocol. Header pin 1 on the board, labeled "SDA", is the slave-select pin. The chip itself is capable of communicating via I2C, UART, or SPI; it may be possible to enable I2C or UART mode by cutting traces, although this would be experimental. All pins are standard 0.1" spaced and work great with our BLS 0.1" / 2.54mm series connectors.

This kit includes one (1) credit-card sized RFID card.

Example code is available below.

pin number on the module's header name description
1 (labeled "SDA") SDA SPI slave-select
2 (labeled "SCK") SCK SPI clock
3 (labeled "MOSI") MOSI SPI Master Out Slave In "MOSI"
4 (labeled "MISO") MISO SPI Master In Slave Out "MISO"
5 (labeled "IRQ") IRQ Maskable interrupt pin. Not Connected for most applications
6 (labeled "GND" VSS Ground (0 volts)
7 (labeled "RST") RST Reset
8 (labeled "3.3V") VCC Input Voltage (3.3 volts DC)



QTY: 1 x RFID Reader/Writer Module for Arduino with an RFID card.

Product condition: New

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