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RF Coaxial Lightning Arrestor / Surge Protector DC-6GHz

Part number: VUPN8386

Protect your expensive radio equipment from damaging lightning and static electricity with our RF Coaxial Lightning Arrestor and Surge Protector. This device plugs in-line between your antenna and radio equipment and contains a gas-discharge tube that fires to ground when high-voltage is present, sending damaging spikes to your ground rod, rather than your transmitter. The wide frequency range (DC-6GHz) and modest power handling (200W @ HF), and small insertion loss (
The gas discharge tube is accessible for inspection by removing the plug at the top of the device. An integrated grounding lug is ready to be crimped onto your 10-12 AWG ground wire.

An mounting bracket is included, which can be installed to enable the lightning arrestor to be mounted to a wall or chassis.

This device has the following connectors:
  • RP-TNC Female
  • RP-TNC Male

Frequency Range: DC - 6GHz
Connector Type: RP-TNC Male / RP-TNC Female
Tested Standard: JIS C 5419
Impedence: 50 Ohm
Insertion Loss: 0.1dB/1GHz, 0.2dB/2GHz, 0.4dB/3GHz, 0.5dB/5GHz, 0.6dB/6GHz
Maximum Power Handling: 250W/300MHz, 160W/500MHz, 100W/900MHz, 75W/1.2GHz, 52W/1.9GHz, 42W/2.4GHz, 36W/3GHz, 10W/6GHz
Insulation Resistance: DC 100V More than 50M Ohm
DC Discharge Voltage: DC 230V +/-20%
Initial Impulse Wave Discharge: Less than 700V 1KV/uSec
Rated Impulse Wave Discharge: 10KA 8/20uSec 5 Times
Ground Connection: By Feedthrough or screw terminal
Working Temperature: -30°C ~ +85°C
Dimensions: 60.1mm x 31mm x 23mm

This product is great for protecting WiFi equipment, as the RP-TNC plugs match those found on commercial Wifi access points and antenna.

QTY: 1 x RF Coaxial Lightning Arrestor / Surge Protector DC-6GHz
Product condition: New