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Remote Control Relay Module - 12V Powered


These are really cool remote control relays. They allow you to add wireless power control to almost any circuit. Need to turn your cars head lights on remotely? This can do that. Need to activate a cooling fan in a thing? This is great for that. Need to manually trigger a thing? This is great for that too. Maybe you need to hide a 12V air horn behind someones toilet. Maybe you need to activate that horn at a specific time? This could be used for such a fruitful endeavor. Or you need to turn on the LED strip that you have installed in a room for cool lighting effects.

The useses are endless.

The relay module its self requires 12V DC power input to run the module. Then the onboard relay can switch the following voltages and currents:

125V AC @ 10A

250V AC @ 10A

28V DC @ 10A

30V DC @ 10A

The part number of the onboard relay is: SRD-12VDC-SL-C but that can change over time without notice.

The relay features both normally open and normally closed contacts.

The included remote seems to be built very well and should last a long time.


Information from the manufacturer:

-Easy installation. Small size, easy to install, safe and reliable to use and so on.

-Delay switch. It can be adjusted to 5s/10s/15s delay switch, which is more intelligent.

Code-Clearing Method:
1. After the controller is powered on, code-clearing is done again.
2. After pressing the learning button on the control panel eight times in a row, all the learned remote controllers are automatically cleared. After the removal, the remote control that had been learned to code will no longer be controlled.

Coding Method:
1. The default mode of delivery is to press the key of the control board to the code once, and the LED indicator flashes once. After the LED indicator lights up, press the key of the remote controller that needs to be coded. The LED indicator of the control board flashes three times successively to the code successfully.
2. Delay 5S/10/15S alignment: Delay 5 times by 4 control boards (Delay 10S five times by 5 lights, Delay 15S six times by 6 lights) alignment keys, LED indicator lights with 4 flashes, etc. After the LED indicator lights up, press the remote control keys that need to be aligned, and the LED indicator lights of the control board blinks three times successively.

Product Material: ABS
Working input voltage: DC12V (to power the module)
Working temperature: - 40~80℃
Working frequency: 433MHz
Receiving sensitivity: ≥-95dB
Output Mode: Point/Delay
Remote control distance: 20-40 m/65.6-131 ft
Receiver size: 40*35*25mm/1.57*1.38*0.98"
Transmitter size: 55*30*12mm/2.17*1.18*.47"
Receiver: 24g
Transmitter: 30g

Package Includes:
1 X DC12V 1CH Controller (Plastic box included)
1 X Double Key Remote Control (Battery included)


USA Stock, call for stock status.

Product condition: New

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -