Red Polycarbonate Filter/Lens (4" x .80")

Red Polycarbonate Filter/Lens (4" x .80")

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Red Polycarbonate Filter/Lens (4" x .80")

This is a piece of optical grade translucent polycarbonate with notched edges. This was intended for use in a project box to cover a series of 7-Segment LED displays and indicators. The notched edges can slide into a corresponding slot to secure the plastic window into place. It is great for adding a professional finish to your project.

This plastic is also heat-formable - give it a blast with a heat gun and bend as desired to fabricate custom brackets. The plastic will maintain its new shape as it cools.

Dimensions: 3.995" long x 0.792" wide x 0.109" thick
QTY: 1 x Red Polycarbonate Filter/Lens (4" x .80")
This comes with protective paper applied to protect the finish.
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Product condition: New