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This prototyping shield plugs directly onto the GPIO header on the Raspberry Pi and provides you with loads of building space. IO Pins are broken out and labeled for easy access.

A clever low profile design allows this board to remain on your Pi *INSIDE* of a case, and does not block the status LEDs.

Unique features are included that you won't find on other Pi prototyping solutions:
  • Multiple pads for connecting to power (3V3, 5V and Ground)
  • Cleverly placed Ground and Power pads for optimum space and usage
  • Raspberry Pi's signals grouped according to function (SPI, I2C, UART, GPIOs)
  • Pads to connect up to four 3mm LEDs
  • TO220 Footprint for voltage regulators (e.g., LM1117 for high current 3V3 power supply)
  • Footprint for capacitors for LM1117 voltave regulator
  • Footprint for three SOT23 packages
  • SOIC14 breakout, this can be used to populate with a 74HC125 to protect Raspberry Pi GPIOs
  • Massive up to 370 holes (2.54mm pitch) prototyping area
  • Nylon spacer to keep Proto-Plate away from Raspberry Pi's components

QTY: 1 x Raspberry-Pi Prototyping Shield
Product condition: New