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Need a 2.4 inch touch screen for your Raspberry Pi 2 or 3?

This has got you covered! Turn your Raspberry Pi into small touchscreen mobile device.

Please note: this HAT or screen requires existing knowledge or extensive learning to use and operate. In other words, this is NOT Plug-and-Play. You need to change core system files in the Pi OS to use this.

-Compatible with R-Pi A+, B+, R-Pi 2 and the R-Pi 3.
-240x320 pixel resolution, RGB 65K true color display.
-TFT screen.
-4-wire resistive touch panel.
-Display full GUI output, just like a monitor connected to the Pi.
-High speed 48MHz SPI connection to the R-Pi using special SPI compression.
-Average frame rate of 17 FPS.
-Powered off the R-Pi, you do not need to add an external power source!
-PWM back light, selectable via onboard jumper.
-Module dimensions are 56.5x65x14.4mm and weighs roughly 30 grams.
-RoHS and CE Compliant.


Email us at if you need a link to an 8 GIG .IMG of Raspbian already configured to run with this screen attached.

You can also extend this using a 40pin ribbon cable!

Installation instructions:

1. Insert the SD card into the Raspbern/ Pl. Do not connect the 4DPi-24-hat yet. You will need an external monitor/ keyboard / network connection, else simply a network connection to the Pi and the rest can be done over an SSH connection. Start up the Pi with at minimum an Ethernet connection connected.

2. Either log into the Raspberry Pi from your keyboard/monitor using the standard ‘pi’ and ‘raspberry’ credentials, else SSH into your raspberry Pl and log in via your SSH session.

3. Once logged into your Raspberry Pi. you will need to download and install the kernel which supports the 4DPi-24-HAT. The following step requires 'root‘ access. To gain super user access, type the following command on terminal/shell/SSH. # sudo su

4. To download and install files, enter the following commands in terminal/shell ISSH to download the kernel from the 4D Systems Server: # wget—24—HAT/4DPi-24—HAT_kernel_R_1_0.tar.gz # tar—xzvf 4DPi—24—HAT_kernel_R_l_O.tar.gz -C / By default the package is configured for Raspberw Pi2. To use the kernel on Raspberry Pi1, modify the content of /boot/config.txt. # nano /boot/config.txt Find and modify the following line: kernel=kernel7_hat.img change to: kernel=kerne1_hat.img Save the changes made to lbootlconfig.txt.

5. Booting the Raspberry Pi directly to Desktop GUI will require modification of the letclchocal file. # sudo nano /etc/rc.local Add the following command line, just before the ‘exit 0' line. sudo —u pi FRAMEBUFFER=/dev/fb1 startx &

6. Shutdown the Raspberw Pi safely, and remove the power.

7. Connect the ADPi-24-HAT to the Raspberry Pi, and reapply power. The terminal should begin to show on the 4DPi-24-HAT, and will be ready to use once the Raspberw Pi has booted.


Product condition: New