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Punch-Down Tool - Impact

Part number: S-300-650
Punch-Down Tool - Impact

This is an impact style punch down tool - It is spring loaded and is the best way to make punch-down connections. It is a quality, rugged tool with an impact-resistant plastic handle. This tool features adjustable impact pressure settings - (High and Low) and has an integrated punch-down bit holder in the handle.
Punch-Down tools are essential tools for anyone working with network or telephone connectors. The back sides of network patch panels and most network wall jacks contain punch-down blocks.
This tool accepts our range on inter-changeable punch-down bits. A punch-down blade is not included and sold separately. Bits are available for the following punch-down styles:
  • 66 Blocks
  • 110 Blocks
  • 88 Blocks
Overall Length: 6"
QTY: 1 Punch-Down tool - Punch Down Blade NOT INCLUDED

Product condition: New