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manufacturer: Philmore
manufacturer part number: 12-611

Protoboard w/ Bus Strips + 1,2,3 Hole Islands - 1.85" x 2.83"
This is high-quality Prototyping PC Board made to accept just about any device that can fit 0.10" spaced holes. Capable of holding small electronics projects, this board is a good choice for those who wish to permanently mount a small circuit that is currently housed on a breadboard. It is pre-drilled with copper plated solder islands on standard 0.100" centers.

Two bus strips run the full length down the center of the board, adjacent to the bus strips are 3-hole islands, followed by groups of three hole islands running perpendicular. A single row of two hole islands completes the outside rows of the pc board. The bus strips are useful for ground and power connections.
This PC Prototype board also features 4 mounting holes, one in each corner, Ideal for use with our PC Board stand-offs or for easy mounting in a project box.

  • Phenolic Single Sided PC Board Material
  • 0.100" Spaced Holes
  • Dimensions: 1.85" x 2.83"
QTY: Protoboard w/ Center Bus Strips - 1.85" x 2.83"

Product condition: New