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Precision Automatic Wire Stripper

Part number: ECL-200-003
Precision Automatic Wire Stripper

This is an automatic wire stripping tool. It is a quality tool constructed from Aluminum. These strippers are designed to work on most silicone, Teflon, and PVC wires from 8 AWG to AWG 22. It has a spring loaded handle to aid reopening and serrated, molded plastic handles to improve grip. It has precision ground, sharpened blades that will not cut wire strands or damage the wire while stripping.
Easy to use - insert your wire into the correct sized blade opening and to the desired stripping depth, then squeeze and release the handles. No pulling of insulation or twisting the wire is necessary.
  • Strip wire sizes: 22, 18 - 20, 14-16, 12, 10, 8 AWG
  • Stripping tools with precision blades
  • Strips Teflon, PVC, Silicone

Simply insert the wire and squeeze the handles for a perfect strip, every time!

QTY: 1 Precision Automatic Wire Stripping Tool
Product condition: New