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This USB power pack is great for high power requirements over long durations!

Going camping? Hiking? Or preparing for a major storm or disaster and need to have lots of emergency power at hand?

This high quality 13,000 mAh (13Ah) battery will be able to charge any cell phone/mobile device many times over, or keep your portable devices running for many, many hours!

This isn't a cheap knock off or imitation like you will find on many other websites. You will receive a genuine 13 amp hour battery that outputs 2.4 Amps. It also has an integrated Micro USB cable that allows you to charge your device with out having to carry an extra cable around.

Compatible with: Android, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, Apple devices and any other mobile device that can charge from USB.

Outer case is faux leather cover.

NOTE: This can NOT be shipped via AIR. Which means that we can not ship this via any other method, than UPS Ground or USPS if it is on the continental United States. We can NOT ship these outside of the United States.

Product condition: New