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PC Board Photofabrication kit includes everything you need to begin making PC Boards using the positive photofabrication method.

Includes the following items:
  • One 3"x5" cat# 603 presensitized single sided PCB
  • One 4"x6" cat# 606 presensitized single sided PCB
  • One 6"x6" cat# 609 presensitized single sided PCB
  • One 475ml bottle cat# 418 Developer | Click here for MSDS
  • One 475ml bottle cat# 415 Ferric Chloride | Click here for MSDS
  • Two cat# 416-S Foam Brushes
  • Plastic development tray
  • Rubber gloves
  • Instruction sheet

Requires the following additional items: (not included):
  • MG 416-X Exposure Kit
  • MG 416-E Etchant Kit
  • MG 416-T Transparency Film
  • Paper Towels
  • Eye Protection
QTY: 1 Set
Product condition: New