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PC-Based Dual Stepper Motor Controller Kit

Use your Windows/DOS based PC and Parallel port to control stepper motors!
The kit enables user to control two unipolar stepper motors via the parallel port. Four digital inputs are also included (these may be used for monitoring external switches, inputs etc.). The kit does not require a power supply. Included, an extended D-shell plastic case (RS-232 style) and all parts. A DOS based program written specifically to drive ‘steppers’ is included on diskette, complete with C source code.

This kit requires a hardware parallel port to operate. It will NOT function from USB-Parallel Printer adapter cables.

Soldering Iron, Solder, and basic tools are required to complete this kit - (Not included)
QTY: 1 Kit - Includes PC Board, Components and Instruction Sheet / Guide.
Product condition: New