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Oscillator Experimenting / Building Blocks Kit

Part number: PH-80-090
Oscillator Experimenting/Building Blocks Kit

Build and experiment with astable, monostable and RS flip-flop multivibrators on one PC board with six LED’s. See and understand exactly how each works. This is a very educational kit and an excellent introduction to electronics. Operates on 9V battery.

Oscillators are everywhere in electronics. They are a basic building block upon the whole structure of electronics and computers is based. This kit looks at the 3 basic types of multivibrators.
They are designed tohave zero, one, or two stable states; The astable or free running multivibrator, the monostable multivibrator (one shot), and the flip-flop or "Bistable" multivibrator.

This kit builds each of these 3 types of multivibrators and allows you to experiment with them.

Soldering Iron, Solder, and basic tools are required to complete this kit - (Not included)
QTY: 1 Kit - Includes PC Board, Components and Instruction Sheet / Guide.
Product condition: New