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NTE Semiconductors

NTE Part Number: NTE153
Description: T-PNP, SI-AF PO +
QTY Per Package: 1

QTY In Stock: 15
There is a 1-2 week lead-time for out of stock items.

Click here for the datasheet for NTE153.
If this datasheet link is broken, the datasheet may still be available at nteinc.com.
This part is the equivalent replacement for the following:
00002SB435, 001-022050, 002-012300, 002SB435RY, 0061-901-02160, 0065-488XX-XXMX, 01-030473, 0131-002049, 01-572774, 01H0318, 01H0321, 020-1111-004, 06100033, 06106, 07-28815-103, 09-300090, 09-301077, 09ST-2SA755C, 1001-5824, 100-1(PHILCO), 100-1(SYL), 1002-0436, 1043-1294, 1045-7836, 1071, 1071(GE), 11114134, 1113(GE), 115792, 121-803, 121-873, 121-886, 121-926, 121-926-01, 121-969-02, 121-977, 121-997, 128057, 13-0115, 13-23518-2, 13-3013-17, 13-39100-1, 13-39819-1, 13-39819-2, 139069, 14-0104-2, 1417305-002, 1417305-2, 144076, 14-604-01(PNP), 14-604-02(PNP), 146081, 1471134, 147498, 149-5(MAG), 149-7(MAG), 149P2001D, 149P2003, 153350, 161-042H, 161-043G, 161-043H, 16204190514, 162-5(MAG), 171033-2(PNP), 175-010-9-001, 177-023-9-001, 177-045-9-002, 177-051-9-001, 1853-0469, 195P2, 195P4, 198063-1, 19A116375, 19A116375P1, 2004047310, 2004049081, 2004120026, 2004356801, 200X4049-081, 203-5-8510-50740, 203-5-8530-51450, 2036-58, 2057B2-150, 2081-6, 21A112-094, 2211-17, 229-1301-36, 2318365, 2320884, 2321281, 2321764, 25A473Y, 264517, 276-2025, 276-2025/RS2025, 276-2027, 28105249-001, 2N2875, 2N3199, 2N3200, 2N3205, 2N3206, 2N5112, 2N5597, 2N6021, 2N6023, 2N6133, 2SA1012, 2SA1012-0 (May not be an exact mechanical or electrical equivalent. However, it will provide an acceptable substitute in the majority of typical applications.), 2SA1012-Y, 2SA1012Y, 2SA1276, 2SA1305, 2SA1305-0 (Must use the insulating hardware supplied.), 2SA1305Y, 2SA473, 2SA473-0, 2SA473(0), 2SA473B, 2SA473-GR, 2SA473GR, 2SA473-O, 2SA473(O), 2SA473-R, 2SA473R, 2SA473-Y, 2SA473Y, 2SA489, 2SA489-0, 2SA489-O, 2SA489-R, 2SA489-Y, 2SA489Y, 2SA490, 2SA490-0, 2SA490A, 2SA490B, 2SA490C, 2SA490D, 2SA490E, 2SA490F, 2SA490G, 2SA490GN, 2SA490H, 2SA490J, 2SA490K, 2SA490L, 2SA490LBG1, 2SA490-LBGL1, 2SA490M, 2SA490-O, 2SA490OR, 2SA490(POWER), 2SA490R, 2SA490X, 2SA490-Y, 2SA490Y, 2SA490YA, 2SA490YLBG11, 2SA490YLBGL1, 2SA670, 2SA670A, 2SA670B, 2SA670C, 2SA748O, 2SA748P, 2SA748Q, 2SA748R, 2SA754, 2SA754A, 2SA754B, 2SA754C, 2SA754D, 2SA755, 2SA755A, 2SA755B, 2SA755C, 2SA755D, 2SA768, 2SA7686Y, 2SA768G, 2SA768Q, 2SA768Y, 2SB1094L (Must use the insulating hardware supplied.), 2SB1094M (Must use the insulating hardware supplied.), 2SB1134, 2SB1134Q (Must use the insulating hardware supplied.), 2SB1134R, 2SB1134R-SA, 2SB1135R (Must use the insulating hardware supplied.), 2SB1274 (Must use the insulating hardware supplied.), 2SB1274Q, 2SB1274-Q-RA, 2SB1274Q-RA, 2SB1274QRA, 2SB1274(R), 2SB1274R, 2SB1274-R-RA, 2SB1274RRA, 2SB1274S, 2SB1375 (Must use the insulating hardware supplied.), 2SB434, 2SB434-O, 2SB434(O), 2SB434-ORG, 2SB434-R, 2SB434R, 2SB434-RED, 2SB434-Y, 2SB435, 2SB435-0, 2SB435-O, 2SB435O, 2SB435-ORG, 2SB435-R, 2SB435R, 2SB435-RED, 2SB435RY, 2SB435-Y, 2SB435Y, 2SB507, 2SB507C, 2SB507D, 2SB507E, 2SB507P, 2SB508, 2SB508C, 2SB508D, 2SB508E, 2SB509, 2SB511, 2SB511C, 2SB511D, 2SB511E, 2SB512, 2SB512-0, 2SB512A, 2SB512-O, 2SB512O, 2SB512P, 2SB512Q, 2SB513, 2SB513A, 2SB513O, 2SB513P, 2SB513Q, 2SB513R, 2SB514, 2SB514AL, 2SB514C, 2SB514D, 2SB514E, 2SB515, 2SB515C, 2SB515D, 2SB515E, 2SB523B, 2SB523C, 2SB524, 2SB524C, 2SB524D, 2SB529, 2SB529C, 2SB529D, 2SB537, 2SB537LM, 2SB668, 2SB699Q, 2SB724, 2SB834-O, 2SB834O, 2SB834Y, 2SB988, 2SB988-O, 2SB988Y, 305-002012, 305-01013, 31004-1, 33-SJE-783, 33-TIP-32, 34-1003, 34-6002-57, 34-6016-46, 359-1, 3596451, 3596452, 3596453, 3596454, 3682, 397P1, 3L4-6010-13, 3L4-6011-11, 3L4-6011-12, 3L4-6011-14, 3L4-6011-9, 3L4-6011-9(TRANS.), 3L4-6013-02, 3L4-6013-13, 3L4-6013-15, 3L4-6013-2, 3L4-6013-3, 3L4-6013-5, 3L4-6013-55, 3L4-6013-56, 3L4-6013-58, 405-064-7307, 4050647307, 405-064-7406, 4050647406, 421-2, 421-4, 42-27538, 43031262, 44209, 455-1(MAG), 46-861009-3, 46-862121-3, 46-86515-3, 46-86581-3, 46-86950-3, 48-137312, 48-137501, 48-137507, 48-137540, 48-137566, 48-137643, 48-155066, 4822-130-40983, 482213040983, 4822-130-41187, 482213041187, 4822-130-44421, 482213044421, 4824002, 4835-130-47252 (Must use the insulating hardware supplied.), 483513047252 (Must use the insulating hardware supplied.), 4835-130-47413 (Must use the insulating hardware supplied.), 483513047413 (Must use the insulating hardware supplied.), 4835-130-47449, 483513047449, 4835-130-47639 (Must use the insulating hardware supplied.), 483513047639 (Must use the insulating hardware supplied.), 48-43241G01, 48-43241G02, 48-44884G01, 48-90420A06, 489751-032, 48S137310, 48S137312, 48S137370, 48S137643, 48S155014, 48S155066, 48S4324AG01, 48S44884G01, 4J13040995, 50201-4, 507663, 507663-1, 5322-130-44421, 532213044421, 5322-130-44438, 532213044438, 5611-755(C), 561-6804-387, 561-6804-389, 561-6956-944, 57A205-14, 57A206-14, 57A251-14, 57A288-10, 57B132-10, 57B206-14, 57B251-14, 57B302-10, 610112-1, 6101490005, 6101490007, 610149-1, 610149-3, 610149-5, 610149-7, 6101620005, 610162-5, 610162-7, 6101950002, 610195-4, 610397-1, 6104210002, 6104210004, 610421-4, 610455, 6104550001, 610455-1, 61-309690, 61865, 6190100820, 6190101710, 6190102160 (Must use the insulating hardware supplied.), 62393661, 624(RCA), 62734450, 62743794, 629-4, 64075, 64197, 657181-2, 66-20438-00, 6624003100, 66F1491, 6902021H26, 690L-021H26, 7020203, 72117-001, 72117-1, 72233-101, 7305-2(RCA), 73C180830-11, 73C180830-12, 742264, 75803-1, 75803-2, 75803-3, 77-272914-1, 77-273716-1, 77-273739-1, 8000-00028-040(PNP), 800-362(PNP), 800-366(PNP), 802037-001, 819-1(SYL), 860051762, 86-5170-2, 86-530-2, 86X0075-002, 86X0080-100(PNP), 86X75-2, 8-729-247-33, 8P445, 9001757, 921-01101, 921-10051, 92110051, 921-432, 921-433, 9331-985-30112, 933198530112, 9331-985-50112, 933198550112, 9332-027-60112, 933202760112, 935-1000, 93E2SA755-C, 93E2SA755-C///, 95261-2, 96-5303-01, 96-5349-01, 96-5356-01, 9654-0330.31(PNP), 9654-0331.31(PNP), 992-022773, 995-01-6130, 99S099-1, A1012-Y, A1276(TRANS), A1305 (Must use the insulating hardware supplied.), A1305-0 (Must use the insulating hardware supplied.), A-1853-0233-1, A-1853-0234-1, A-1853-0254-1, A473-0, A473-GR, A473(JAPAN), A473-O, A473(PNP), A473-R, A473R, A473-Y, A473Y, A489(JAPAN), A489-O, A489-R, A489-Y, A489Y, A490-0, A490-LBGL1, A490(POWER), A490(RF), A6501760, A6533730, A6610140, A6610160, A6633620, A670, A670A, A670B, A670C, A671-0, A748O, A748P, A748Q, A754, A754A, A754B, A754C, A754D, A755, A755A, A755B, A755C, A755D, A768Y, AM161043H, AR-23(TRANS), AR-25, AR25(G), AR25(GREEN), AR27(GREEN), AR27GREEN, AR37(GREEN), AR37GREEN, AR43, AR44, B1094L(TRANS) (Must use the insulating hardware supplied.), B1094M(TRANS) (Must use the insulating hardware supplied.), B1134 (Must use the insulating hardware supplied.), B1134R(TRANS) (Must use the insulating hardware supplied.), B1134(TRANS) (Must use the insulating hardware supplied.), B1135, B1135R, B1274-Q-RA, B1274QRA, B1274Q(TRANS) (Must use the insulating hardware supplied.), B1274R, B1274RRA, B1274-R-RA(TRANS) (Must use the insulating hardware supplied.), B1274R(TRANS) (Must use the insulating hardware supplied.), B1274(TRANS) (Must use the insulating hardware supplied.), B132, B1375(TRANS) (Must use the insulating hardware supplied.), B434, B434-0, B434-O, B434-R, B434-Y, B435, B435-0, B435-O, B435-R, B435-Y, B435Y, B507, B507C(TRANS), B507D(TRANS), B507E, B508, B508C(TRANS), B508D(TRANS), B508E(TRANS), B509, B511, B511C, B511D, B512, B512-0, B512A, B512-O, B512P, B512Q, B513, B513A, B514, B514C, B514D, B514E, B515, B515C, B515D, B515E, B523, B523B, B523C, B524, B524C, B524D, B529, B529C, B529D, B537LM, B724, B834, B834-O, B834-O(TRANS), B834-Y(TRANS), B988, B988-O(TRANS), B988(TRANS), B988Y(TRANS), BD223, BD224, BD225, BD240, BD240A, BD242, BD242A, BD262A, BD272, BD534, BD534L, BD536, BD944, BD944F (Must use the insulating hardware supplied.), BD946, BD946F (Must use the insulating hardware supplied.), BD948, BD948F (Must use the insulating hardware supplied.), BD950, BD950F (Must use the insulating hardware supplied.), BDX27, BDX27-10, BDX27-6, BDX28, BDX28-10, BDX28-6, BDY82, BDY83, CGE-69, CSB834, CSB834O, CSB834Y, CXL153, D43C7, EA0X12(PNP), EA15X3118, EA15X328, EA15X334, EA15X8118, EA15X8130, EA3715, EA4147, EA50X12(PNP), ECG153, EP1150, EP1152, EP15X15, EP15X23, EP2132, EP-421, EP-802, EP-943, EP958, ES81(ELCOM), EW15X114, EW15X121, EW15X202, EW15X237, EW15X26, EW15X59, EW183, GE-69, GE-69A, GS2051, GS2051-G, GS2052, GS2052D, GS2052(G), GS2052G, GS2052(H), GS2052H, GS2053-G, GS2053G, H7337, HA-00699, HA505, HF58, HR70, HT104731Y0, HT107701B0, IA047320, IA048900, IA049010, IB50700, IRTR77, KSA473, KSA473-O, KSA473-Y, KSB834, KSB834-O, KSB834Y, KTA1276, KTA473, KTA473-0, KTA473-O, KTB596-O, KTB834-O, KTB988, KTB989, LS-0067, M04120303, M0412303, M9348, M9647, MJE101, MJE102, MJE103, MJE34, MM4020, NPS6518, NSP370, NSP371, NSP4918, NSP4919, NSP4920, NTE153, P1V-4, P2B, P2K, P4W, P5H, P5U, P6G, P8B, P8H, RCA30, RCA30A, RE22, REN153, RS2025, RS2026, RT-151, RT151, RT-155, RT155, RT8336, RT8338, S2041, S33529, S37165, S39261, SCD-T334, SCDT334, SD1445, SD1445(AUDIO), SD445, SDA445, SDB445, SDI445, SDJ445, SDK445, SDL445, SDM445, SDN445, SDT3509, SDT3702, SDT3703, SDT3704, SDT3706, SDT3707, SDT3708, SDT3709, SDT3710, SDT3711, SDT3712, SDT3713, SDT3715, SDT3716, SDT3717, SDT3720, SDT3721, SDT3722, SDT3725, SDT3726, SDT3727, SDT3729, SDT3730, SDT3733, SDT-445, SDT445, SDT5111, SDT5112, SE5-0964, SJ1152, SJ1171, SJ1284, SJE514, SJE677, SJE695, SK3274, SK3274/153, SPS1437, ST27020, STC5202, STC5203, STC5205, STC5206, STC5303, STC5802, STC5803, STC5805, STC5806, STX0029, STX0030, T1P-32, T1P32, T1P-32A, T1P32/A, T1P32A, T1P62, T1P62A, TA7556, TA7557, TB3001134R, TB3G01134R, TG2SB511-1, TG2SB511-E, TG2SB511-E-1, TIP-30, TIP30, TIP62, TIP62A, TIP62AF, TM153, TR2327723, TR-8019, TR8019, TV-116, TVS2SA483, TVS2SA768, W19, WEP746, X45C359

Vetco stocks a complete inventory of electronic parts, including Integrated Circuits (IC's), Transistors, Diodes, and LEDs.
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Product condition: New