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NTE Semiconductors

NTE Part Number: NTE131
Description: T-PNP, GE-AF PO
QTY Per Package: 1

QTY In Stock: 40
There is a 1-2 week lead-time for out of stock items.

Click here for the datasheet for NTE131.
If this datasheet link is broken, the datasheet may still be available at
This part is the equivalent replacement for the following:
000071090, 0004203, 0022481, 0573030, 0573030-14, 0573212, 09-301024, 09-301034, 09-301075, 1008(JULIETTE), 1008(POWER), 120-003150, 120-004887, 123808, 13040349, 130-40349(PNP), 130-40439(PNP), 13-26377-1, 143, 14-604-03(PNP), 167285, 170827-1(PNP), 170890-1(PNP), 171-016-9-001, 171162-083, 171162-089, 171217-1, 175043-065, 1840-17, 1945-17, 1955-17, 1R9.1, 2006514-59, 2057A2-211, 2057B100-11, 2093A3D-20, 215089, 21A015-003, 21A015-022, 220-002001, 22-002001, 22-002008, 22-002009, 2320092, 23-5032, 23-5032(PNP), 2402-456, 24MW994, 25658-120, 25658-121, 260P07502, 27126-060, 27126060(PNP), 296-61-9, 2N2385, 2N2835, 2N4078, 2N4079(PNP), 2N5887, 2N5888, 2N5889, 2N5890, 2N5891, 2N5892, 2N5893, 2N5894, 2N5895, 2N5896, 2N5897, 2N5898, 2N5899, 2N5900, 2N5901, 2SB130, 2SB130A, 2SB256A, 2SB256B, 2SB256C, 2SB256D, 2SB256E, 2SB256F, 2SB256G, 2SB256GN, 2SB256H, 2SB256J, 2SB256L, 2SB256M, 2SB256OR, 2SB256R, 2SB256X, 2SB256Y, 2SB367, 2SB367-4, 2SB367-5, 2SB367(A), 2SB367A, 2SB367AL, 2SB367B, 2SB367B-2, 2SB367BL, 2SB367(B)P, 2SB367BP, 2SB367C, 2SB367D, 2SB367E, 2SB367F, 2SB367G, 2SB367H, 2SB367J, 2SB367K, 2SB367L, 2SB367M, 2SB367-OR, 2SB367OR, 2SB367P, 2SB367R, 2SB367X, 2SB367Y, 2SB368, 2SB368A, 2SB368(B), 2SB368B, 2SB368C, 2SB368D, 2SB368E, 2SB368F, 2SB368G, 2SB368GN, 2SB368H, 2SB368J, 2SB368K, 2SB368L, 2SB368M, 2SB368-OR, 2SB368OR, 2SB368X, 2SB368Y, 2SB419, 2SB448, 2SB458, 2SB458A, 2SB458B, 2SB458BC, 2SB458BL, 2SB458C, 2SB458D, 2SB458E, 2SB458F, 2SB458G, 2SB458GN, 2SB458H, 2SB458J, 2SB458K, 2SB458L, 2SB458M, 2SB458OR, 2SB458R, 2SB458X, 2SB458Y, 2SB462, 2SB462A, 2SB462B, 2SB462-BL, 2SB462-BLU, 2SB462-BLU-G, 2SB462C, 2SB462D, 2SB462E, 2SB462F, 2SB462G, 2SB462G-BL, 2SB462GN, 2SB462G-R, 2SB462G-Y, 2SB462H, 2SB462K, 2SB462L, 2SB462M, 2SB462OR, 2SB462-R, 2SB462R, 2SB462-RED, 2SB462X, 2SB462-Y, 2SB462Y, 2SB462-YEL, 2SB462-YEL-G, 2SB463, 2SB463(1), 2SB4631, 2SB463A, 2SB463B, 2SB463BL, 2SB463-BLU, 2SB463BLU, 2SB463-BLU-G, 2SB463BLU-G, 2SB463C, 2SB463D, 2SB463E, 2SB463F, 2SB463G, 2SB463G-BL, 2SB463GN, 2SB463G-R, 2SB463G-Y, 2SB463H, 2SB463J, 2SB463K, 2SB463L, 2SB463M, 2SB463-O, 2SB463OR, 2SB463R, 2SB463-RED, 2SB463RED, 2SB463-RED-G, 2SB463RED-G, 2SB463X, 2SB463XL, 2SB463(Y), 2SB463Y, 2SB463-YEL, 2SB463YEL, 2SB463-YEL-G, 2SB463YEL-G, 2SB466, 2SB467, 2SB473, 2SB473A, 2SB473B, 2SB473C, 2SB473D, 2SB473E, 2SB473F, 2SB473G, 2SB473H, 2SB473I, 2SB473J, 2SB473N, 2SB473Q, 2SB473R, 2SB481, 2SB481A, 2SB481B, 2SB481C, 2SB481D, 2SB481E, 2SB481F, 2SB481G, 2SB481GN, 2SB481H, 2SB481I, 2SB481J, 2SB481K, 2SB481L, 2SB481M, 2SB481-OR, 2SB481OR, 2SB481R, 2SB481T, 2SB481U, 2SB481V, 2SB481W, 2SB481X, 2SB481Y, 2SB63, 324-0126, 377-1(SYL), 4-142, 417-160, 43-025834, 430-25834, 465-137-19, 465-206-19, 465-260-15(PNP), 46-86125-3, 46-86135-3, 480-9(SEARS), 48-137214, 48-137267, 48-137268, 48-137269, 48-137270, 48-137271, 48-137308, 4822-130-40213, 482213040213, 4822-130-40385(PNP), 48-40172G01, 48-97046A15, 48-97046A1S, 48-97046A31, 48-97238A06, 489751-163, 48S13270, 48S137270, 48S40172G01, 48X97046A15, 48X97046A31, 49751-163, 57A100-11, 57B100-11, 57M3-10P, 57M3-12, 57M3-9P, 605122, 61-1906, 62046287, 62752300, 6377-1(SYLVANIA), 642-152, 642-217, 6-88(AUTOMATIC), 690V098H51, 6A10229, 7219-3, 72193, 740471, 753-2100-002, 753-4001-474, 7851955-01(PNP), 7855295-01, 8000-00003-040, 8000-00006-190, 8112143, 8500-204, 8-619-030-015, 86X0033-001, 880092, 8-905-605-607, 8-905-605-650, 8-905-613-240, 8-905-613-241, 8-905-613-242, 8-905-613-245, 8-905-613-265, 8-905-613-266, 8-905-613-277, 8-905-613-282, 8-905-613-283, 8-905-613-284, 8-905-613-555, 8A10521, 8A10625, 8A11083, 8A11721, 8A12359, 8A13164, 8P202, 8P404T, 8P-505, 8P505, 8P50S, 9511414000, 982307, 984521, 985103, 98P1P, A061-116, A065-111, AD-139, AD152, AD152P, AD155, AD156, AD156V, AD156V1, AD-162, AD162, AD164, AD169, AD262, AD263, B130, B130A, B367, B367(A), B367A, B367B, B367C, B367H, B368, B368A, B368B, B368H, B448, B458, B458A, B462, B463, B463BL, B463E, B463R, B463Y, B466, B467, B473, B473A, B473B, B473C, B473D, B473E, B473F, B473G, B473H, B473I, B473J, B473N, B473Q, B473R, B481, B481A, B481B, B481C, B481D, B481E, B481F, B481G, B481H, B481I, B481J, B481K, B481L, B481M, B481T, B481U, B481V, B481W, B481X, B481Y, B63, BCM1002-6, C463(Y), CXL131, CXL131MP, DS-1N, E24107, EA15X139, EA15X154, EA3212, EA3239, ECG131, ES10110, ES29(ELCOM), ES50(ELCOM), ES7(ELCOM), ETTB-367B, G04-704-A, G6016, GC4094, GD160B, GD170B, GE-30, GE-44, GE44, GO4-704-A, HB367, HEP642, HEP643, HEP-G6016, HEPG6016, HT20436A, HT2046710, HT204736, IP20-0032, IR-RE50, IRTR-50, MZ9, NKT451, NKT452, NKT452-S1, NKT453, NTE131, OC30, OC30A, OC30B, P34-3, P3E, P3R, P3R-1, P3R-2, P3R-3, P3R-4, P3T, P3T-1, P3T-2, PC3010, PR3-3, PT32, PTC120, Q-01084R, R0092, RE20, RE20MP, REN131, RT4762, SC4274, SK3052, SK3198, SK3198/131, SP2551, SP3052, SS13, TI-1A6, TI-7A, TM131, TNJ70483, TNJ70541, TR-184(OLSON), TR-50, TR50, W17, WEP229, WEP367, WEP481, WEP642, WEP643

Vetco stocks a complete inventory of electronic parts, including Integrated Circuits (IC's), Transistors, Diodes, and LEDs.
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Product condition: New