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NTE120 - Selenium Rectifier Diode - PRV=18V - Color TV Convergence

NTE120 - Selenium Rectifier Diode - PRV=18V - Color TV Convergence

Part number: NTE120
NTE Semiconductors

NTE Part Number: NTE120
Description: R-SE-TV CONVERGE
QTY Per Package: 1

QTY In Stock: 31
There is a 1-2 week lead-time for out of stock items.

NTE does not provide a datasheet for NTE120.
If this datasheet link is broken, the datasheet may still be available at
This part is the equivalent replacement for the following:
004-003700, 004-003700(SR-37), 105064, 10B-4, 10B-4-C4, 13-17569, 13-17596-1, 1440990, 14700990, 1470990, 1470990-1, 15-108007, 15-108014, 15-108038, 173A4424, 1850-0132, 188-68-35, 188-70-48, 1887048, 1TV24237, 2090A53-2, 2093A75-1, 212-46, 212-63, 21A005, 21A008-016, 21A500, 21A500-000, 28-26-01, 295V031B02, 295V031C02, 297V050H01, 297V050H02, 301-1, 324-0015, 34-8058, 34-8058-1, 34-8058-2, 34-8058-7, 41-001, 48-66653A02, 48-66653APT001, 48-66653APT0U1, 48-90068A01, 48-90234A03, 489752-072, 48C666534A02, 48C-66653A-001, 48D66653A02, 48D66653A-PT.001, 48D66653APT001, 48D90068A01, 48S90234A03, 51GX14, 51GX3, 530087-2, 530096-2, 530097-2, 569-1(SYL), 569-2(SYL), 575995, 57A6-19(DIODE), 62047259, 62522704, 66X0041-001, 66X41-1, 6846812, 690V037H92, 690V039H54, 6RS51GX12, 7206-0, 7209A, 79F153, 800-008-00, 817149, 86-37-3, 86-47-3, 86-55-3, 86-56-3, 86-56-3B, 86-56-3C, 86-56-3C(-3F), 86-56-3F, 86-96-3, 87-5-3, 87-56-3, 93A53-2, 93A75-1, 93B19-1, 93B53-2, 93C1-2021, 93C53-2, 981371, A04727, AO4727, B66X0041-001, CD-07, CD07, CXL120, E13-013-03, E13-013-04, ECG120, ER5(ELCOM), ET57X26, EU57X38, GE-CR3, GECR-3, GI-TVC3, HO99, M105064, M128J422-1, M128-J422PT.1, M128-J753, M128J753, NTE120, PTC404, R-3, R8477, R8560, RCC7022, RE91, REN120, RSLNA0004CEZZ, S855, SELEN-42, SK3110, SK3110/120, SR-37, SR37, SR-9003, SR-9005, TM120, TV-24237, TV24237, TVC3, TVC-6, TVC6, WD22

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