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NTE Semiconductors

NTE Part Number: NTE106
Description: T-PNP, SI-RF/IF AMP
QTY Per Package: 1

QTY In Stock: 31
There is a 1-2 week lead-time for out of stock items.

Click here for the datasheet for NTE106.
If this datasheet link is broken, the datasheet may still be available at nteinc.com.
This part is the equivalent replacement for the following:
002-0105-00, 0131-001438, 020-1110-004, 03A04, 100-198, 1012GE, 102-842, 10508, 1050B, 105468, 110P2, 1147, 115270-101, 11RT1, 121-615, 124634, 125-1, 1254, 125707, 1294, 129697, 130215, 1302701, 131262, 13-26386-4, 13-34369-1, 13-34940-1, 13-40083-1, 13-40083-2, 134-1P, 134P1(VID), 134P6, 135347, 136766, 136P1, 137, 137-12, 145-12, 1473559-001, 1473597, 1473597-7, 1473620-001, 1473651-1, 14-807-12, 1480712, 148-12, 14-861-12, 1486112, 15-008-1, 150865, 151-0417-00, 154A5947-7732, 159-12, 160196, 177-025-9-002, 1853-0014, 1853-0069, 1853-0072, 1853-0076, 1853-0258, 19901503, 19AR21, 2000-202, 2022-01, 2057A2-200, 2057A2-203, 2057A2-229, 2057A2-561, 2057A-430, 210BWTF4121, 21A062-000, 23114300, 24-016-001, 246P1, 24MW896, 25-001328, 2621811, 27619(H.-KARDON), 27619(H.KARDON), 276-2021, 276-2021/RS2021, 28A608E, 297L012C-01, 2H1256, 2H1257, 2N1238, 2N1239, 2N1240, 2N1241, 2N1640, 2N1641, 2N1642, 2N2175, 2N2176, 2N2177, 2N2894, 2N2894A, 2N3012, 2N3209, 2N3248, 2N3249, 2N3304, 2N3342, 2N3451, 2N3545, 2N3546, 2N3576, 2N3639, 2N3915, 2N4207, 2N4208, 2N4209, 2N4258A, 2N4313, 2N4423, 2N4451, 2N4453, 2N4872, 2N495, 2N495/18, 2N496, 2N5056, 2N5057, 2N5140, 2N5141, 2N5228, 2N5352, 2N5771, 2N5910, 2N723, 2N726, 2N727, 2N864, 2N864A, 2N865, 2N865A, 2N869, 2N869A, 2N995, 2N995A, 2N996, 2S564R, 2SA524, 2SA548G, 2SA548GN, 2SA548H, 2SA548HA, 2SA548HB, 2SA548HC, 2SA548OR, 2SA548R, 2SA548Y, 2SA557, 2SA565AB, 2SA565BA, 2SA565(D,C), 2SA565E, 2SA565F, 2SA565G, 2SA565GN, 2SA565H, 2SA565J, 2SA565L, 2SA565M, 2SA565OR, 2SA565R, 2SA565X, 2SA565Y, 2SA572Y, 2SA576, 2SA594N, 2SA621, 2SA672(B), 2SA701F0, 2SA709, 2SA710, 2SA711, 2SA741, 2SA742H, 2SA776, 2SA781, 2SA781AK, 2SA813, 2SA867, 2SA869, 2SA873, 2SA895, 2SA918, 2SA925-1, 2SA925-2, 2SA956, 2SA993, 2SB281, 2SB3224E, 2SB620, 2SH678, 3012, 3012(EFJOHNSON), 30291(PNP), 333-1, 34-1011, 35002711, 35002712, 35002713, 352-0950-010, 352-0950-020, 3522, 3549-1, 3549-2, 3616, 36171000, 3620, 364-1, 3651, 3666, 369-1(SYL), 3N112, 3N113, 405192, 40C2PW8V1SP, 417-102, 417-284, 42-22539(TRANS), 42-22539(TRANSISTOR), 43027619, 4484-1, 4484-2, 4485-1, 4590, 46-86342-3, 47C23-3, 4801-0000-001, 4801-0000-060, 4801-1284-200, 48-137066, 4822-130-40348, 4822-130-40369, 4822-130-40477, 4822-130-40508, 482213040508, 4822-130-40614, 48-3003A04, 48751-028, 48-86851C88, 48-97127A015, 48-97127A15, 48M355007, 48R869426, 48S134821, 48S134909, 48S134910, 48S137045, 48S155095, 48X90232A06, 48X90232A09, 48X90232A12, 48X90232A15, 48X97177A14, 5001-540, 50211300-00, 50211300-00-VF, 50211300-00VF, 50211300-01, 50211300-10, 50211600-00, 50211600-00-VF, 50211600-00VF, 50211600-01, 50211600-02, 50211600-02-VF, 50211600-02VF, 50211600-10, 50211600-12, 50211610-10, 50211610-12, 50-40106-09, 50-40204-10, 508ES020P, 508ES021P, 515ES045M, 515ES046M, 516ES047M, 516ES048M, 520ES070M, 521ES071M, 531298-001, 547684, 549-1, 5611-628(F), 5611-6730, 574-1, 576-0003-012, 576-001-013, 57A108-1, 57A108-2, 57A108-3, 57A108-4, 57A108-5, 57A108-6, 57A108-7, 57A108-8, 57A1-52, 57D1-52, 597-1, 610024-1, 610102-1, 610136-1, 610246-1, 616-1, 620-56, 62-130139, 62-132497, 62-21683, 62-22524, 62-22529, 62-3597-1, 62-3597-2, 62539313, 666-1, 6855K90, 69-1815, 69-1817, 7303, 7340, 7626, 774, 815243(1/2MP)(PNP), 86X0066-003, 8-905-706-165, 8905706165, 8Q-3-02, 9012HG, 921-103B, 921-112B, 921-333B, 921-333P, 95229, 97680, 986015, A-1853-0009-1, A-1853-0010-1, A-1853-0034-1, A524, A610390-1, A741H (May not be an exact mechanical or electrical equivalent. However, it will provide an acceptable substitute in the majority of typical applications.), A781, A781AK, A925-1, A925-2, AT11, BCW29R, BCX78VII, BCX79VII, BF315, BF316, BF339, BFX12, BFX13, BSX29, C302, C401, CDC-9002-IC, CS1124G, CS-1294F, CS1369D, CS2005B, CS-9013HH, CS9102, CS9123C1, CS9128, CS9129(B), CS9129-B1, CXL106, DP605/FT1702, DS-68, DS68, DS86, DS96, DX-3975, EA0088, EA15X69, EA15X70, EA15X71, ED1802-O, EQR-0038, EQR-1, EX699-X, F103P, F121-60216, F121-603, FCS9012HH, FCS-9015C, FCS9015D, FI-1019, FK2894, FM2894, FM869, FS-2299, FS26382, FT1702, FV2894, GESP-1527, GME0404, GME0404-1, GME0404-2, GME404-1, HA-0054, HA9500, HA9501, HA9502, HEPS0013, HEPS0019, HF-47, HR-84, HR84, HS-40035, HS-40053, HT104941C-O, HT104941CO, HT104951A-O, HT105621B-O, I50865, IP20-0046, IRTR19, IRTR28, IRTR30, IRTR-54, J24832, K071687, LDA452, LDS202, LDS203, LJ152G, LJ152(O), LM2020, M4910, M652/PIC, MA0401, MA0402, MA0404-1, MA0404-2, MA0411, MA0413, ME0401, ME0402, ME0463, ME503, ME511, ME512, MPS2894, MPS3534, MPS3639, MPS3640, MPS4257, MPS4258, MPS5910, MPS9682T, MPSL08, MPSLO8, MT0463, NP1024, NP1240, NP1241, NP1640, NP1641, NP1642, NP2395, NP2802, NP2803, NP2804, NP2805, NP2806, NP2807, NP2968, NP2969, NP2970, NP2971, NP3342, NP3576, NP3915, NP4034, NP4035, NP4058, NP4059, NP4060, NP4061, NP4062, NP495, NP5140, NP5208, NP6580, NP726, NP727, NP978, NP995, NP996, NTE106, P67, PL4031, PL4032, PL4033, PL4034, PN3639, PN4207, PN4257, PN4257A, PN4258A, PN4313, PN5140, PN5141, PN5910, PN70, PN71, Q510ZQ, Q5116CA, QM106, QT-A0719XCN, RE18, RE53, REN106, RT-115, RT115, RT-126, S4, S500, S501, SA495, SA496, SA496A, SA496B, SA537, SA538, SA539, SA540, SA548A, SA548B, SA548C, SA548D, SA548E, SA548F, SA548G, SA548L, SA548M, SA548R, SA548T, SA548X, SA548Y, SA568A, SA568B, SA568C, SA568D, SA568E, SA568F, SA568G, SA568L, SA568M, SA568R, SA568T, SA568X, SA568Y, SA603A, SA603B, SA603C, SA603D, SA603E, SA603F, SA603G, SA603L, SA603M, SA603R, SA603T, SA603X, SA603Y, SA640A, SA640B, SA640C, SA640D, SA640E, SA640F, SA640G, SA640L, SA640M, SA640R, SA640T, SA640X, SA640Y, SA677A, SA677B, SA677C, SA677D, SA677E, SA677F, SA677G, SA677L, SA677M, SA677R, SA677T, SA677X, SA677Y, SA678A, SA678B, SA678C, SA678D, SA678E, SA678F, SA678G, SA678L, SA678M, SA678R, SA678T, SA678X, SA678Y, SA696A, SA696B, SA696C, SA696D, SA696E, SA696F, SA696G, SA696L, SA696M, SA696R, SA696T, SA696X, SA696Y, SA701A, SA701B, SA701C, SA701D, SA701E, SA701F, SA701G, SA701L, SA701M, SA701R, SA701T, SA701X, SA701Y, SA704A, SA704B, SA704C, SA704D, SA704E, SA704F, SA704G, SA704L, SA704M, SA704R, SA704T, SA704X, SA704Y, SA705A, SA705B, SA705C, SA705D, SA705E, SA705F, SA705G, SA705L, SA705M, SA705R, SA705T, SA705X, SA705Y, SA736A, SA736B, SA736C, SA736D, SA736E, SA736F, SA736G, SA736L, SA736M, SA736R, SA736T, SA736X, SA736Y, SAC40, SAC40A, SAC40B, SAC42, SAC42A, SAC42B, SAC44, SI341P, SI342P, SI343P, SI351P, SI352P, SI353P, SK3984, SK3984/106, SL200, SL201, SM62186, SP12271, SP3118, SPS2526, SPS4401, ST2-2517, T-2357, T2357, T40, TGZSA608(C), T-HU60U, TIS128, TIS138, TM106, TM-22, TR-1032-1, TRO1053-1, TRO2051-1, TRO2062-1, TV24848, TV-71, TW135, W7, WEP106

Vetco stocks a complete inventory of electronic parts, including Integrated Circuits (IC's), Transistors, Diodes, and LEDs.
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Product condition: New