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NTE Semiconductors

NTE Part Number: NTE105
Description: T-PNP, GE-AF PO
QTY Per Package: 1

Call or email us for stock status.
There is a 1-2 week lead-time for out of stock items.

Click here for the datasheet for NTE105.
If this datasheet link is broken, the datasheet may still be available at
This part is the equivalent replacement for the following:
001-01204, 014-556, 030531-1, 077A, 077A-12, 077A-12-7, 092-1, 092-1-12, 092-1-12-7, 119-0016, 122-1028, 1221028, 122-1028A, 1413-159, 1417-177, 14573, 1477A, 1477A-12, 1477A-12-8, 148-134622, 1492-1, 1492-1-12, 1492-1-12-8, 177A-1-82, 1850-0021, 1850-0108, 1850-0150, 1850-0194, 1850-0195, 1877A, 1877A-12, 1877A-127, 1877AL, 1877AL8, 1892-1, 1892-1-12, 1892-1-127, 1892-1L, 1892-1L8, 192-1A82, 19A115094-P1, 19A115487-P1, 19A115487P1, 19A115540-P1, 1G100, 2009, 2010, 217119, 217230, 226789, 229045, 233305, 233307, 233508, 234078, 243215, 243815, 253704, 256480, 257242, 257243, 257534, 261401, 261488, 262309, 27T407, 299-POWER, 299(POWER), 299POWER, 2B1202, 2N1099, 2N1100, 2N1157, 2N1157A, 2N1202, 2N1203, 2N1261, 2N1262, 2N1263, 2N1358, 2N1358A, 2N1358M, 2N1412, 2N1433, 2N1434, 2N1435, 2N1567, 2N1568, 2N1569, 2N173, 2N174, 2N174A, 2N174RED, 2N1970, 2N1980, 2N1981, 2N1982, 2N2075, 2N2075A, 2N2076, 2N2076A, 2N2077, 2N2077A, 2N2078, 2N2078A, 2N2079, 2N2079A, 2N2080, 2N2080A, 2N2081, 2N2081A, 2N2082, 2N2082A, 2N2155, 2N2155A, 2N2159, 2N2159A, 2N2210, 2N2266, 2N2267, 2N2268, 2N2269, 2N2379, 2N2490, 2N2491, 2N2492, 2N2493, 2N3311, 2N3312, 2N3313, 2N3314, 2N3315, 2N3316, 2N441, 2N441BLU, 2N442, 2N443, 2N574, 2N574A, 2N575, 2N575A, 2SB16A, 2SB16B, 2SB16C, 2SB16D, 2SB16E, 2SB16F, 2SB16G, 2SB16GN, 2SB16H, 2SB16J, 2SB16K, 2SB16L, 2SB16M, 2SB16OR, 2SB16R, 2SB16X, 2SB16Y, 2SB17A, 2SB17B, 2SB17C, 2SB17D, 2SB17E, 2SB17F, 2SB17G, 2SB17GN, 2SB17H, 2SB17J, 2SB17K, 2SB17L, 2SB17M, 2SB17OR, 2SB17R, 2SB17X, 2SB17Y, 2SB18A, 2SB18B, 2SB18C, 2SB18D, 2SB18E, 2SB18F, 2SB18G, 2SB18GN, 2SB18H, 2SB18J, 2SB18K, 2SB18L, 2SB18LA, 2SB18M, 2SB18OR, 2SB18R, 2SB18X, 2SB18Y, 2SB235, 2SB235A, 2SB235B, 2SB235C, 2SB235D, 2SB235E, 2SB235F, 2SB235G, 2SB235GN, 2SB235H, 2SB235L, 2SB235M, 2SB235OR, 2SB235R, 2SB235X, 2SB235Y, 2SB236, 2SB236A, 2SB236B, 2SB236C, 2SB236D, 2SB236E, 2SB236F, 2SB236G, 2SB236GN, 2SB236H, 2SB236J, 2SB236K, 2SB236L, 2SB236M, 2SB236OR, 2SB236R, 2SB236X, 2SB236Y, 2SB237, 2SB237-12A, 2SB237-12B, 2SB237A, 2SB237B, 2SB237C, 2SB237D, 2SB237E, 2SB237F, 2SB237G, 2SB237GN, 2SB237H, 2SB237J, 2SB237K, 2SB237L, 2SB237M, 2SB237OR, 2SB237R, 2SB237X, 2SB237Y, 2SB238A, 2SB238B, 2SB238C, 2SB238D, 2SB238E, 2SB238F, 2SB238G, 2SB238GN, 2SB238H, 2SB238J, 2SB238K, 2SB238L, 2SB238M, 2SB238OR, 2SB238R, 2SB238X, 2SB238Y, 2SB258, 2SB259, 2SB259A, 2SB259B, 2SB259C, 2SB259D, 2SB259E, 2SB259F, 2SB259GN, 2SB259H, 2SB259J, 2SB259K, 2SB259L, 2SB259OR, 2SB259R, 2SB259X, 2SB259Y, 2SB260, 2SB260A, 2SB260B, 2SB260C, 2SB260D, 2SB260E, 2SB260F, 2SB260G, 2SB260GN, 2SB260H, 2SB260J, 2SB260K, 2SB260L, 2SB260M, 2SB260OR, 2SB260R, 2SB260X, 2SB260Y, 2SB331A, 2SB331B, 2SB331C, 2SB331D, 2SB331E, 2SB331F, 2SB331G, 2SB331GN, 2SB331J, 2SB331K, 2SB331L, 2SB331M, 2SB331OR, 2SB331R, 2SB331X, 2SB331Y, 2SB332A, 2SB332B, 2SB332C, 2SB332D, 2SB332E, 2SB332F, 2SB332G, 2SB332GN, 2SB332J, 2SB332K, 2SB332L, 2SB332M, 2SB332OR, 2SB332R, 2SB332X, 2SB332Y, 2SB333A, 2SB333B, 2SB333D, 2SB333E, 2SB333F, 2SB333G, 2SB333GN, 2SB333H, 2SB333HA, 2SB333HB, 2SB333J, 2SB333K, 2SB333L, 2SB333M, 2SB333OR, 2SB333R, 2SB333X, 2SB333Y, 2SB334, 2SB334A, 2SB334B, 2SB334C, 2SB334D, 2SB334E, 2SB334F, 2SB334G, 2SB334GN, 2SB334H, 2SB334J, 2SB334K, 2SB334L, 2SB334M, 2SB334-OR, 2SB334R, 2SB334X, 2SB334Y, 2SB351, 2SB351A, 2SB351B, 2SB351C, 2SB351D, 2SB351E, 2SB351F, 2SB351G, 2SB351GN, 2SB351H, 2SB351J, 2SB351K, 2SB351L, 2SB351M, 2SB351OR, 2SB351R, 2SB351X, 2SB351Y, 2SB352A, 2SB352B, 2SB352C, 2SB352E, 2SB352F, 2SB352G, 2SB352GN, 2SB352H, 2SB352J, 2SB352K, 2SB352L, 2SB352M, 2SB352OR, 2SB352R, 2SB352X, 2SB352Y, 2SB353, 2SB353A, 2SB353B, 2SB353C, 2SB353D, 2SB353E, 2SB353F, 2SB353G, 2SB353GN, 2SB353H, 2SB353J, 2SB353K, 2SB353L, 2SB353M, 2SB353OR, 2SB353R, 2SB353X, 2SB353Y, 2SB354, 2SB354A, 2SB354B, 2SB354C, 2SB354D, 2SB354E, 2SB354F, 2SB354G, 2SB354GN, 2SB354H, 2SB354J, 2SB354K, 2SB354L, 2SB354M, 2SB354OR, 2SB354R, 2SB354X, 2SB354Y, 2SB430, 2SB433, 2SH460, 33-0039, 39901-0001, 3N49, 3N50, 3N51, 3N52, 4036831-P1, 4036832-P1, 4573, 4597, 4597GRN, 4597RED, 4622, 477A15, 4-77A17-1, 48-103083, 48-10577A13, 48-124329, 48-125252, 48-125286, 48-125299, 48-134430, 48-134622, 48-83698E14, 48-83699E09, 48-83699E10, 48-869251, 48R869251, 48S10577A11(TRANS.), 48S10577A13(TRANS.), 48X97046A32, 492-1A5, 4-92-1A7-1, 53N49, 5490810P1, 5490860P1, 5492153-1, 5492153-P1, 5496668-P1, 561-6800-174, 561-6800-277, 561-6800-441, 561-6802-076, 561-6802-078, 57276605, 57279005, 57279007, 57279009, 57279011, 57279017, 57279025, 57279027, 57279033, 57279073, 57279076, 57279293, 57279298, 57279566, 57279793, 57280281, 57282315, 57288072, 57288073, 57288076, 57288079, 5729031, 57299720, 576-0002-009, 576-0002-010, 576-2000-278, 576-2001-970, 5983945A, 5985432, 5988414, 5988977, 5989171, 5989615, 5989692, 5989693, 5AA5-1, 601054(SHARP), 62087595, 63N50, 660144, 660144A, 677A-1-5L, 6818, 7172-54, 72729031, 7276605, 7279003, 7279005, 7279007, 7279009, 7279011, 7279013, 7279017, 7279025, 7279027, 7279031, 7279033, 7279035, 7279073, 7279076, 7279293, 7279298, 7279566, 7279793, 7280281, 7282315, 7288072, 7288073, 7288076, 7288079, 7299720, 73N51, 77A, 77A0, 77A1, 77A10, 77A10R, 77A119, 77A12, 77A121, 77A13P, 77A14, 77A14-7, 77A14-7B, 77A15, 77A15L, 77A16, 77A16-1, 77A17, 77A17-1, 77A18, 77A182, 77A19, 77A19G, 77A2, 77A3, 77A4, 77A5, 77A6, 77A7, 77A-70, 77A-70-12, 77A-70-12-7, 77A8, 77A9, 83N52, 86-512-2, 8P880, 8P880B, 92-10, 92-11, 92-12, 92-13, 92-14, 92-15, 92-16, 92-17, 92-1-70, 92-1-70-12, 92-1-70-12-7, 92-18, 92-19, 92-1A, 92-1A0, 92-1A0R, 92-1A1, 92-1A19, 92-1A2, 92-1A21, 92-1A3, 92-1A3P, 92-1A4, 92-1A4-7, 92-1A4-7B, 92-1A5, 92-1A5L, 92-1A6, 92-1A6-1, 92-1A7, 92-1A7-1, 92-1A8, 92-1A82, 92-1A9, 92-1A9G, 977A1-6-1, 980052, 980052A, 980462, 980462A, 980463, 980463A, 981969, 981969A, 983945, 985432, 988414, 988977, 989171, 989615, 989692, 989693, 992-1A6-1, A1477A, A1477A9, A1492-1, A1492-19, A77A19G, A77A-70, A77A-705, A92-1-70, A92-1-705, A92-1A9G, AA5, ADY-26, ADZ11, ADZ12, B16A, B17A, B18A, B235, B235A, B236, B237, B237-12A, B237-12B, B258, B259, B260, B351, B353, B354, B430, B433, B77A-1-21, B92-1A21, B92-UA21, C102(JAPAN), C102(RAPAN), CB1F4, CTP1509, CTP1512, CXL105, DS-501, DS501, DS502, DS504, DS505, DS506, DS525, DS570, DT100, DT80, DU47, DU7, EA15X6, ECG105, ES10, ES10(ELCOM), ES21, ES501, ES501(ELCOM), ET7, G110, G110(TRANSISTOR), G6004(HEP), GE-240, GE-4, GI9, GP1622, H12, H12A, HEP231, HEP233, HEP-G6004, HEPG6004, IG-100, JC100, JEM1, JEM2, JEM3, JEM4, JEM5, KS-15931-L2, KS-15931L2, KS15931-L2, KS15931L2, M4553PUR, M4622, M9251, M9814, MHT180, MHT18010, MHT-1802, MHT1802, MHT-1803, MHT1803, MHT-1804, MHT1804, MHT1807, MHT1808, MHT1809, MHT181, MHT230, MHT2305, MP500A, MP501A, MP502A, MP503, MP503A, MP504A, MP505A, MP506A, MP507, MP507A, MP525, NK77A119, NK92-1A19, NTE105, POWER-40, POWER40, POWER500, POWER-60, POWER60, POWER-80, POWER80, PT201, PT250, PT-501, PT515, PT515(TRANSISTOR), PTC106, QP8-6623N, R7890, RE8, REN105, RS-106, S77A-1-3P, S92-1-A-3P, SF.T264, SFT264, SFT-265, SFT265, SFT-266, SFT266, SFT-267, SFT267, SK3012, SK3012/105, SP2426, SP2431P, SP3012, SP4, ST-106, ST106, ST-107, ST107, ST-108, ST108, ST-108X, ST-109, ST109, ST-110, ST110, ST-111, ST111, ST-112, ST112, TA-1, TA-3, TR-03, TR03, TR03C, TR-174(OLSON), TR334, TR57, TS-609, TS609, W6, WEP231, WEP233, WK-5457, WK5458, WK5459, WTV129PWR, WTV299PWR, X137

Vetco stocks a complete inventory of electronic parts, including Integrated Circuits (IC's), Transistors, Diodes, and LEDs.
Looking for more information? Please click here to search NTE's online component CROSS REFERENCE SEARCH

Product condition: New

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -